Best Options Trading Books You Should Read in 2024

by Maumita Mitra
20 May 20245 min read
Best Options Trading Books You Should Read in 2024Best Options Trading Books You Should Read in 2024
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Options Trading is one term that has grown in popularity among investors in the stock market. This is primarily because options trading has the potential to generate huge profits, however, this requires detailed knowledge and years of experience. Many market participants seek knowledge about the stock market and options trading.

The basic concepts of the stock market, such as buying and selling stocks, intraday trading, equity, technical analysis, etc., are easy to understand. However, when it comes to options trading, understanding concepts like what is option chain, strategies, and more can be challenging. Many market participants often don’t get the right guidance and suffer losses. This is why in this blog we have listed the top 6 options trading books that can help you understand and learn about options trading. Keep reading to find out!

List of Best Options Trading Books




How to Trade Options – by Brian Pezim


Options: Trading Strategy and Risk Management – by Simon Vine


How to Make Money in Intraday Trading – by Ashwani Gujral


Secrets of Pivot Boss – by Franklin O. Ochoa


Trading in the Zone – by Mark Douglas


Strategies For Profiting on Every Trade – by Oliver L. Velez

Best Options Trading Books 2024

1. How to Trade Options – by Brian Pezim


Author: Brian Pezim

“How to Trade Options” is a book by Brain Pezim, a Canadian trader and investor. His trading career and work had an emphasis on equity swing trading, day trading and options trading. In his book, he tries to simplify the concept of options and guides your options trading journey from beginner to advanced level. 

Additionally, the book shares a few option trading strategies and also highlights and delves into the importance of risk management. If you are a trader, with some experience, this book will give you insights on the author’s approach to trading to make profitable trades.

2. Options: Trading Strategy and Risk Management – by Simon Vine


Author: Simon Vine

“Options: Trading Strategy and Risk Management” is a book written by Simon Vine. He started his career in derivatives trading, where he gained experience in markets. In his book “Options Trading Strategy and Risk Management”, Simon shared key concepts and essential strategies. In this book, you will learn what is hedging, and how to hedge positions using different options strategies to minimize risk. Additionally, he also shares risk management hacks to become a profitable trader. 

3. How to Make Money in Intraday Trading – by Ashwani Gujral


Author: Ashwani Gujral

This book forms part of many traders’ top options trading books list. “How to Make Money in Intraday Trading” is written by Ashwani Gujral and is a must-read if you want to succeed in Intraday Trading. He is a Delhi-based option trader, who caught the attention of different traders and investors with his unique approach to trading. In the initial chapter of this book, Ashwani teaches us the supply and demand concepts. In the mid-chapters, you will find ways to interpret price action using pivot points, simple moving average and exponential moving average. In the end, Ashwani talks about what should be the right psychology of a trader while participating in markets.

4. Secrets of Pivot Boss – by Franklin O. Ochoa


Author: Franklin O. Ochoa

This options trading book unlocks the concept of different types of pivots that can be used for different types of market scenarios. Franklin is a trader who studied the market structure in detail and developed his own trading system. He mostly uses floor pivots and camarilla pivots to find entry and exit points in a trade. He also touches on market profile concepts, which help increase the winning probabilities of a trade. This book covers everything that a trader would need to know about pivots and price action.

5. Trading in the Zone – by Mark Douglas


Author: by Mark Douglas

“Trading in the Zone”, by Mark Douglas is a book well-known for trading psychology. As we know, psychology plays a very important role in trading options. Many option traders achieve mastery in technicals, hedging, position sizing, and risk management but fail to master psychology. The lack of physiological discipline while trading options limits your profits in trending markets. This book will help you understand the right psychology required for trading options.  

You can also check other share market books and blogs to learn the stock market basics.

6. Strategies For Profiting on Every Trade – by Oliver L. Velez


Author: by Oliver L. Velez

This book teaches simple market strategies that increase the probability of winning every trade. Each chapter provides clear examples and useful definitions of important trading and market terms. The book also includes more than ninety technical charts and patterns to help you understand the market structure. 

The strategies taught in the book can be applied to any market and trading instruments. Oliver’s insights are beautifully explained, which helps the reader connect with real market scenarios. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, this is a must-read book which will further grow your understanding of the market. 


Options trading books can add a lot of value and make the learning curve faster. The top 6 best books to learn options trading from have been discussed in the above blog and they cover concepts on options trading from basic to advanced. Also, technical analysis and risk management are integral parts of trading and are covered by the books mentioned above. Happy Trading!

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