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Features of Rupeezy
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Top Trading Features

TradingView, Options Strategy Builder, Option Chain, Greeks

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Free Intraday Trading

Zero brokerage on intraday trades

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MTF PayLater

Enjoy up to 5x margin at best-in-industry interest rates

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Create Custom WatchLists

Create your own watchlist, execute in a jiffy when markets are favourable

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Basket Order

Create themed baskets or multi-legged strategies in a single order.

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Simple, User Friendly app  

Secure app with easy to use interface for beginners and expert traders 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. An online trading platform is a facility to buy and sell securities through an online portal or an app. Online trading apps leverage technology to enable investors and traders to trade, hold, take positions in securities. They offer a host of benefits like quick execution, trade from anywhere, reports and funds transfer in one place, seamless transactions without any delays, zero paperwork, lower costs compared to offline brokers. Stock Market Apps are offered by registered and authorised brokers who charge brokerage fees for transactions. These are highly regulated by SEBI and completely secure backed by technology. Driven by latest technology, online platforms have transformed the way trading and investing is done.

Ans: Option Chain is a list of all options contracts and provides insights into Nifty stocks. For every security, it lists call and put options. Traders can gauge market direction and price movements, liquidity and volume using parameters like bid, last price, as, net change etc. In Rupeezy Web portal, you can trade directly from Option Chain, View advanced Options Greeks to estimate risk-return.

Ans: Yes, Rupeezy Web trading platform provides charts. You can view charts, indicators, create templates, place order from charts. You can open multiple charts, select patterns for viewing e.g. candlestick,line area and change the time pattern for viewing chart candles. You can also run comparison with another scrip. You can select the indicator you want to apply. You can save the chart layout with indicators you want to apply so that it can be used as a template everytime.Use 50+ drawing tools to study chart patterns. Select the duration for the chart pattern for the time period you want to view the chart for. Right click and you can see Option Chain for Buy and Sell both in the same screen. You can place Buy Sell orders from here directly and open charts as well from the chart icon for Nifty options. Change expiry to view Option Chain for desired expiry.

Ans: Option Chain is a table that lists all available options contracts with call and put options and information like Open Interest, Strike Price, Implied Volatility, Premium for a contract. Futures Chain A futures chain is a listing of all the available futures contracts for a particular commodity or asset class, such as stocks, bonds, or commodities. Basket Order: Basket Order feature allows multi leg options or multiple orders to be placed at one time together. You can create different themed baskets and add desired scrips/options. Market Depth The market depth is displayed in the form of a "depth chart," which shows the bid and ask prices for a security at different levels, along with the number of shares or contracts available at each price level. Highs & Lows The highs and lows of a stock represent the highest and lowest prices at which the stock has traded over a specific period of time. The time periods are 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.

Ans: A share market app is an online stock market app or platform for trading that brokers provide to investors and traders to enable them to invest in securities like shares, commodities, derivatives, currencies etc online without physically visiting a broker, from the comfort of their home. Share market apps are completely secure and deploy technology to create a great user experience, fast speed of execution and paperless account opening and trading, portfolio dashboards, instant fund transfers, reports and analytics.

Ans: You can keep a few important points in mind while choosing a share trading app: User Feedback: You can easily find the ratings and feedback from actual users for any trading app. Look into the users’ comments to understand their experience. Ease of Use: You can visit the app to check how easy it is to login, navigate, place quick trades, view reports, contact customer care and manage funds. A simple user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to learn and start trading. Trading Features: When looking for an app, you can check for advanced trading features like TradingView Charts, Basket Order, Options Strategy Builder, Option Chain, facility to place trades directly from charts etc. MTF/Pay Later: Some brokers offer margin facility wherein you place a small amount from your pocket known as margin and the broker offers a multiple of that margin as a loan. Margin facility offers you more money at a short notice for trading, thus increasing your overall profit potential. However, one must be mindful of the risk of multiplied losses. Pricing: Brokerage and other charges add up to high cost and eat into your trading profits. Look for apps that offer attractive rates on brokerages, account opening, MTF etc.

Ans: A good online trading app is easy to use, fast, secure and offers advanced trading features such as Basket Order, MTF, Option Chain, Strategy Builder.

Ans: You can open a trading account with Rupeezy completely free of charge. The account opening process is online, paperless and quick. Rupeezy offers a unique benefit of free equity intraday trading. You can trade in equity, futures and options, commodities, currencies and invest in IPOs. The app offers advanced trading tools like TradingView Terminal, Basket Order, Option Chain, Strategy Builder. You can avail 5x MTF Margin Trading Facility on equities and 5x on equity intraday trading. Rupeezy app offers one of the lowest MTF interest rates in the market. To know more visit

Ans: Yes, Rupeezy stock marke app is completely secure and verified with credible security tools.

Ans: Yes, you can manage funds through the Rupeezy trading app. You will find a link to Rupeezy DOCK on the menu. DOCK is the back office app that shows you fund balance and facility to transfer funds.

Ans: You can place a Market Order or Limit Order on your Rupeezy App. Market Order: A market order allows you to buy or sell a security at the spot or current market price of the security. Once you place the order, it is executed immediately at the prevailing price at that time. You cannot define the exact market price since it fluctuates, however you can predict the approximate price while placing the order. Limit Order: As the name suggests Limit Order allows you to place a limit on the price you want to buy or sell a security. You choose the price at which the order will be executed. While buying a security with specified Limit Order, the order wll go through at the price specified or lower. Similarly, with a Sell Limit Order your security will be sold at the defined price or higher.

Ans: Yes, Rupeezy share market app is user friendly, easy to use for beginners as well as experienced traders. You can download the app from playstore and register with your email id to open an account. There is no need to submit or send any forms or physical documents. Account opening process is simple, completely online and quick. Once your documents are verified you can start trading immediately within the same day. What’s more, there is no account opening fee charged. There are fabulous offers like free equity intraday trading, that is, no brokerage! You can reach customer care at any step you require assistance.

Ans: You can download the Rupeezy share market app via Android or Apple play store.

Ans: You can transfer funds from your registered bank account to and fro between your trading account and bank. The process is instant, without any delay. You can redeem your securities and money is credited on time as per settlement cycle, which you can transfer upon credit immediately. Rupeezy offers MTF, Margin Trading Facility wherein you place an amount in your trading account for trades and Rupeezy gives you up to 5x of that amount as credit.

Ans: Mobile trading is buying and selling securities through an online share trading app installed on your mobile phone. The application is designed for mobile use and extremely convenient and user friendly. You can execute all types of transactions through the app, transfer funds, view portfolio, reports & analytics and place instant orders.

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