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Advanced charts, advanced Option Chain, instant pay-in & pay-out,margin .

How Margin Trading works?
Boost your buying power with a fraction of amount as margin and the balance available to you through MTF at lowest interest cost. High leverage means higher buying power.
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Double Your Buying Power 

Cash crunch or money tied up in other commitments, yet want to invest today? MTF is the answer to your dilemma. Enjoy up to 5 times the amount you add for investment.  

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50+ intelligent drawing tools,80+ technical indicators and all advanced features.

Advanced charts
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Buy/Sell directly from charts

Chart based trading
50+ intelligent drawing tools
80+ technical indicators
Basket orders

Offerings for
power traders

Deep OTM / ITM
Trade in wider range of out of the money and in
the money options
Pay Later - MTF
Get up to 5X margins in equity delivery
@ 0.03% interest per day
Trade with 0 funds
Using stocks as 100% collateral
Same day payout
Fast withdrawal of funds gives our traders
high liquidity

Enhance your
Financial knowledge

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Loved the Pay Later feature of Rupeezy. My returns have increased 5 times since I started using it. No one else has this product at this low interest rate.



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