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Powered by TradingView charts, our platform offers extensive features for a better trading experience. It allows you to trade from multiple screens, using 50+ drawing tools and 100+ in-built indicators.

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Features of Rupeezy
web trading platform

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Trade directly through charts

Trade from charts correctly, make Real-time sharp trading decisions.

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Multiple charts on the same screen

Get a view of up to 8 charts on a single screen, to watch several symbols or timeframes at once.

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50+ drawing tools

Access more than 50 smart drawing tools to make analysis quick, fun and easy.

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80+ technical indicators

Use powerful technical indicators to spot the right trade.

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Basket Order

Create multi legged strategies in a single basket and execute in one click.

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Option chain with greeks

Trade from Option Chain, view Greeks for every option in Option Chain

Charts that move markets

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12 chart types

Including Renko, Kagi and Point & Figure — all customizable

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Upto 8 charts per tab

Plus, synchronize symbols, intervals and even drawings

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Custom time intervals

Any possible timeframe, including seconds and range bars

Why choose Rupeezy

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Free account opening, online process, no
physical documentation

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Simple easy to use interface

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Trade with Margin up to 5x, best margin rates

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No hidden charges

Illustrious journey marked
with nationwide recognition

Torchbearers of Commodity Derivatives Market

MCX 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, Rupeezy trading platform is good for new investors and traders. It is easy to install and navigate. The web portal is user friendly, fast and simple for beginners as well as more experienced traders. The platform is being used by more than 150k active traders across India.

Ans: An online trading platform allows you to buy and sell shares on recognised exchanges electronically through a web portal or app. As against a physical trading system where you need to visit a broker, open a trading account by filling a physical application form, submit KYC documents and transact through the broker. Online trading is secure, extremely convenient and user friendly. You can trade online from anywhere, all trades can be placed at the click of a button, you can view your statements, portfolio online and transfer funds seamlessly without any hassles.

Ans: On Rupeezy Web platform, you can place below orders: Market Order: Place buy or sell orders at current market price. Market orders are executed at the market price of security at that time. Limit Order: Limit order works when you want to cap your sale or buy price. The order is executed when the Buy or Sell limit is reached to ensure your upside or downside is defined. Stop Loss: Stop Loss order is placed when you want to limit your loss, as soon as security falls to stop loss price specified the order is executed to stop further loss when the scrip falls.

Ans: Option Chain is a list of all options contracts and provides insights into Nifty stocks. For every security, it lists call and put options. Traders can gauge market direction and price movements, liquidity and volume using parameters like bid, last price, as, net change etc. Web portal, you can trade directly from Option Chain, View advanced Options Greeks to estimate risk-return.

Ans: Yes, Rupeezy Web trading platform provides charts. You can view charts, indicators, create templates, place order from charts. You can open multiple charts, select pattern for viewing e.g. candlestick,line area change the time pattern for viewing chart candles. You can also run comparison with another scrip. You can select the indicator you want to apply. You can save the chart layout with indicators you want to apply so that it can be used as a template everytime.Use 50+ drawing tools to study chart parrens. Select the duration for the chart pattern for the time period you want to view the chart for. Right click and you can see Option Chain for Buy and Sell both in the same screen. You can place Buy Sell orders from here directly and open chart as well from the chart icon for Nifty options. Change expiry to view Option Chain for desired expiry.

Ans: Open a free demat and trading account by clicking the link here. You can submit your documents online, once the account is verified you can begin trading. Login to with your credentials. Visit our support page ____ for further information on how to use the portal. Once you login, you can select create Watchlist tab, add custom name and Add. Search for Scrip, Futures, Options or Indices.

Ans: Option Chain is a table that lists all available options contracts with call and put options and information like Open Interest, Strike Price, Implied Volatility, Premium for a contract. Futures Chain A futures chain is a listing of all the available futures contracts for a particular commodity or asset class, such as stocks, bonds, or commodities. Basket Order: Basket Order feature allows multi leg options or multiple orders to be placed at one time together. You can create different themed baskets and add desired scrips/options. Market Depth The market depth is displayed in the form of a "depth chart," which shows the bid and ask prices for a security at different levels, along with the number of shares or contracts available at each price level. Highs & Lows The highs and lows of a stock represent the highest and lowest prices at which the stock has traded over a specific period of time. The time periods are 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.

Ans: A web trading platform is an online stock trading portal that can be accessed through a desktop. It is website login compared to an app based platform. Investors can invest and trade in stocks, derivatives, currencies, commodities through a web trading platform. On a desktop, traders can view the charts on a big screen making it easy to study and place trades.

Ans: You can choose a web trading platform by checking user feedback, app reviews, charges and features it provides. Rupeezy offers a trading account with zero account opening charges, free equity delivery trading, advanced trading features like Option Chain, Basket Order, Trade from charts, Options Strategy Builder.

Ans: A good web trading platform must be easy to navigate, contain advanced trading tools like charts, Option Chain, pay-off graphs, company reports, strategy builder, and trade directly from charts. Security and investment in the latest technology ensures that the platform can offer a fast interface, zero delays and safety. Attractive brokerage rates, availability of margin at competitive interest rates makes a good web platform. Rupeezy is a fast growing fintech with a completely in-house tech team that has built a technically robust platform packed with the best trading features delivered at speed and best safety gateway.

Ans: A trading platform like Rupeezy is available to you with easy and free paperless account opening within a day. A quick and simple interface, easy to navigate app makes it easy for you to trade in multiple segments like stocks, options & futures, commodities , currencies, all in one place. Advanced trading features like Option Chain, TradingView Charts, Basket Order, Options Strategy Builder are available for zero cost, which otherwise cost up to Rs 6000 per month on other platforms. You can avail margin and trade with up to 5x margin at one of the best interest rates in the industry. Features like instant margin, payouts, analytics, reports, P&L, easy IPO applications, zero equity delivery trading brokerage make Rupeezy one of the best and most convenient trading platforms.

Ans: Yes, web trading is completely secure at Rupeezy.

Ans: Go to Funds Icon on top of your charting dashboard screen, it will take you to Rupeezy DOCK portal where you can check your fund balance, add or withdraw funds

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