Invest Wisely with Rupeezy – India’s Best Online Trading & Investment Platform

by Aron Vaxen
13 June 20243 min read
Invest Wisely with Rupeezy – India’s Best Online Trading & Investment PlatformInvest Wisely with Rupeezy – India’s Best Online Trading & Investment Platform
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Looking For An Online Stock Trading And Investment Platform?

Look no further! Let Astha Trade help you!


Headquartered in Bhopal, Astha Trade was founded in 2003 by Satish Chandra Gupta. It offers equity delivery and intraday trading, Commodity options trading, equity options and futures trading, commodities futures trading and currency futures trading. With competitive brokerage rates, opening a Demat account is free of cost at Astha Trade.

Astha Trade in Equity Markets

The company has over 1 lakh active traders. In its equity segment, Astha offers various facilities in its trading segments as follows:

  1. Pay Later, also known as MTF, is a smart tool for professional equity traders that allows leverage with small investments through either funds or shares as collateral with the balance provided by Astha.

? Unlike another margin trading, which is provided for a maximum of 7 days, here funding is provided for 365 days

? Interest rates are low at 3.99 percent per annum

? Leverage is given up to 5 times the amount invested

  1. Mobile trading app Astha Trade Flow is provided for trading and investing in shares.

? Market changes are tracked

? Chart based trading is available

? Payouts are faster

  1. Browser trading app ‘Aero’ for trading on the desktop/laptop.
  2. Investing in initial public offers (IPOs) through web interface E-IPO.
  3. Dock gives instant trading reports with which one can manage funds, check profit and loss, and also manage personal details.
  4. Flow has features like reports and analytics, margin trading facility (MTF), options chain and margin estimates.
  5. There is a utility for calculating margin for future and option carry forward segment.
  6. An Astha back-office app enables clients to access equity reports, derivative reports, a fund deposit link, and a fund withdrawal link. Profit and loss report for equity and derivatives.
  7. Algo trading and Wealthdesk (Basket trading) are other trading products.
  8. The margin calculator and brokerage calculator are available to enable calculation of required margins and brokerage charges.

Advantages of trading/investing with Astha trade

  1. Competitive brokerage rates enable higher margins for traders.
  2. Easy to use trading apps like Rupeezy Flow and Aero.
  3. Pay later enables investors to make long-term investments at low-interest costs.
  4. Robust system, which has been established in the past 20 years to save the interest of the investors.


Investing and trading in equity markets are difficult at the best of times, as it is a high risk game. But Astha Trade with its competitive rates and higher leverage allows the trader to make good profits. Even investors can make investments with the pay later features with which investments can be made at low interest rates.

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Want to start investment?

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