AsthaTrade Rebrands to Rupeezy: A New Chapter for the Company

by Anjali Sharma
21 June 20243 min read
AsthaTrade Rebrands to Rupeezy: A New Chapter for the CompanyAsthaTrade Rebrands to Rupeezy: A New Chapter for the Company
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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

We firmly believe that change is inevitable. You have evolved and matured as an investor over the years.

The markets, the economy and the world at large, continue to change and evolve at a jet speed, thanks to the power of technology and visionary ideas.

In this melting pot of transition, it’s imperative that we move in tandem with times and our clients’ aspirations.

Jeff Bezos famously said, “What’s dangerous is not to evolve.”

We are changing and evolving too, preparing to step into a brighter, bolder future, the new Rising India.

From a small office in Bangalore, today we have grown to a team of 150 spirited youngsters, who work relentlessly to bring advanced trading tools and better customer experience for our users.

We have a strong 1.5 lakh trader community trading on the platform. 

We honor your trust in us for the past 20 years and in charting a new, bolder path ahead, we have rebranded AsthaTrade to Rupeezy. 

What is in a Name?

But why a new name, you would ask?

Well, all these years, we have been a trader centric platform, now our vision is to cater to the overall financial needs of an individual.

We are expanding our services beyond trading, with renewed focus on enhanced user experience and to cover a gamut of financial needs. We also feel the name ‘Rupeezy’ rings with the times and the new vision.

Why Rupeezy?

The name ‘Rupeezy’ embodies our mission – making it amazingly easy for you to manage your ‘rupee’ and achieve financial success in the Indian market.

The new name is a promise, to help you achieve your financial aspirations, to help you wade through complexities around financial products, to make investing simpler, easier. 

Trading, financial planning, investing and meeting your financial goals, all in a few easy steps. 

We honour AsthaTrade’s legacy of 20 years. It’s a metamorphosis, a natural change, an endavour to better understand and serve the digital native generation, the first time entrants and seasoned investors.

What Does This Mean for You?

Rebranding AsthaTrade is an exciting phase for us, but it is not restricted to nomenclature only. Rebranding is an extension of the work we’re doing in the background to offer:

Enhanced Services

This transformation underscores our pledge to upgrade our services, offering innovative solutions that resonate with your financial ambitions.

You can expect a broader range of financial products and services in the coming days, stay tuned.

User-Focused Platform

We are committed to deliver better user experience, ensuring both seasoned traders and newcomers find our platform easy to navigate and work with. 

Trust and Reliability

Rupeezy takes forward the trusted legacy of AsthaTrade. Your investments are safe with us, and we stand committed to assist you in making well-informed financial decisions. 

What Has Not Changed?

This is a change in our brand name only. The registered company name will still be Astha Credit & Securities Private Limited and there is no change in the company structure or management.

The FLOW app will be renamed to Rupeezy, the interface, sections, products and terms continue as it is. 

Do write to us for any questions or feedback. We thank you for your loyalty and trust in us. Your feedback is the motivation for us to make the platform better and set higher benchmarks.

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