Forex Trading for Beginners – How to Trade Forex, Benefits

by Paminder Singh
20 May 20245 min read
Forex Trading for Beginners – How to Trade Forex, BenefitsForex Trading for Beginners – How to Trade Forex, Benefits
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Forex trading (FX) has gained popularity over the past few years because of its potential to give you profitable returns. Despite this, it comes with risk and complexity, but with the right trading strategy, discipline, and risk management, you can earn profit. In this article, we are going to learn how to start forex trading for beginners.   

What is Forex Trading? 

Forex trading involves the exchange of currencies to make profits. It occurs globally where various national currencies are bought and sold. The Forex market lets you speculate on whether a currency’s value will appreciate or depreciate relative to another. 

For example, you are looking to exchange the Japanese Yen for the British Pound as you anticipate that Yen’s value could appreciate against the Pound. This means that you can continue to hold the Yen or buy more and then sell it or book a profit once its value increases. This process of buying and selling is done through online trading platforms provided by brokers. Due to its presence across various time zones globally, forex trading is renowned for its availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The main objective is to earn profit when there is a change in the value of the currencies.  

How to Start Forex Trading for Beginners?

Here are the steps on how to forex trade for beginners on phone: 

1. Learn about the Forex(FX) Market

The first step is to gain knowledge about the forex market before trading as it risks losing money. One should understand the forex market thoroughly including, its market structure, important terminologies, means to analyze the forex markets, exchange rates, using different time frames & styles of trading, and the factors that affect the forex market. You can use different resources like books or courses to learn about the forex market.

A good understanding of the forex market will help you build your trading strategy and understand the risk-to-reward ratio in a trade. 

2. Analyze Currency Charts 

Once you understand the basis, you should start analyzing the currency chart and then prepare a strategy with proper risk management and follow it with discipline. Analyzing currency charts involves studying price movements, trends, patterns, and indicators to identify potential trading opportunities. 

A well-defined trading strategy outlines your approach to trading, including the criteria for entering and exiting trades, position sizing, and risk management techniques. It helps you make objective decisions based on predefined rules rather than emotional impulses. 

3. Choose a Broker

Find a reliable broker that is certified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).  It guarantees adherence to stringent security, and transparency, and eliminates further fraudulent activities. 

Look for a broker that offers a user-friendly and advanced trading platform equipped with essential features such as charts, indicators, expert advisors, essential services, tools, support, and customizable options. Also, it should offer competitive pricing and favorable trading terms, along with access to a wide range of currency pairs and flexible leverage options. 

Ensure that the broker you choose has responsive and accessible customer support. After selecting the broker, open a trading account with the broker by submitting the required documents and completing the process. Once your account is active, add funds to your account to start trading.

You can start your forex trading journey with Rupeezy today. Creating an account with Rupeezy offers you several benefits like lower costs, higher liquidity, access to larger markets, etc. Click here to open a Demat account.   

4. Practice Trading by Opening a Demo Account

Before you start trading with real money, it’s advisable to open a demo account to practice. This virtual account enables you to trade fictitious funds in a real market environment. It helps you practice trading strategies and gain confidence without exposing actual capital to risk. The demo account is typically provided free of charge and can be utilized for an extended period to refine your skills and enhance your understanding of the trading process.

5. Develop a Trading Strategy

Developing a trading plan will help you to achieve success in the financial markets. Understand your trading objectives, and risk tolerance level, and devise a comprehensive strategy. Predecide your entry and exit points for trades to avoid making impulse decisions. A trading plan provides a structured approach to trading, helping you stay disciplined and focused.

6. Start with a Small Amount

Once you test your trading strategy in demo trading and feel confident, you can start with forex trading. However, it is advisable to start with a small capital that you are okay to lose. 

Benefits of Forex Trading

  • The Forex market operates every day of the week and the timing is Sunday 9 P.M. to Friday 10 P.M. It allows traders worldwide to participate conveniently from anywhere.
  • Forex offers the advantage of leverage, which means you can take larger positions with small capital.
  • The Forex market has high liquidity as there are a large number of traders. 
  • The Forex market can’t be manipulated because of its advanced technology and the decentralized nature of Forex trading.
  • Forex trading allows for diversification across various currency pairs, enabling you to tap into multiple markets simultaneously.


To conclude, Forex trading is highly rewarding but at the same time, it also comes with its own set of risks. This makes it all the more important to understand the basics and practice forex trading and risk management strategy.

Rupeezy also offers you with forex trading services apart from access to stock, and mutual funds with a wide set of features that make your trading journey easy. Forex trading with Rupeezy also gives you the benefits of smaller lot sizes, wide array of currency pairs and also allows you to counter risk by hedging one currency pair against another. Happy Trading!

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