Conquer Your Fear and Take Control of Your Trading

by Aron Vaxen
13 June 20243 min read
Conquer Your Fear and Take Control of Your TradingConquer Your Fear and Take Control of Your Trading
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The fear of losing money sometimes can overwhelm people. Human nature cannot accept losses easily.

You will be surprised to know that the thought of losing money is double that of winning it during the market rallies

Stock market gains require years of practise and advanced market dynamics to maximise profits instead of entry out of FOMO.

Understanding a company’s fundamentals or the stock’s trend is an essential technical skill but not above the mindset.

Fears of Trading

The fears of trading range from the terror of losing to the thought of missing out. The idea of letting a profit turn into a loss and the doubt of not being right are examples of fears.

You will need to believe in yourself while executing each trade and have a fearless mindset. Conquer your market fears and trade with confidence. 

Use Logic 

The stock market can be a risky affair, and involving yourself emotionally will get you nothing more than a panic exit.

Keep yourself updated with the top news, educate yourself about market trends and support your actions with adequate logic

The fear of losing money sometimes makes a person skip opportunities for gain. Start assessing your performance periodically and change habits to enhance your returns.

How to Handle a Market Crash?

The most common mistake that investors make during a market crash is selling out their holdings anticipating a more significant loss.

Investors can see it as an opportunity and take advantage of the low prices. 

However, when you see the market going extremely volatile, be prepared to get back to cash. Do not be greedy as greed can lead to doom in the investment sector.

Your resistance to an emotional action is going to pay off. Let the emotions stabilise and see how you’ve fared. 

The Volatile Nature of Greed and Fear

Volatility has a vital role in determining the value of an asset. Greed and fear can be referred to as measures of volatility. The focus should be on using these factors to study the inner market. 

The best way to respond to market trends is by making appropriate entries and exits.

Remember, successful investors insist on selling due to greed and buying due to extreme fear, while always backing their decisions and actions with logic


The mentality of having it all or nothing is a risky game. Believe in yourself and keep telling yourself that you are here for the long run.

Do not make investment strategies in haste or change them. Formulate a plan and understand that every investor is different.

Don’t get distracted by the market noise and keep your emotions under control. 

Think logically and make rational decisions. Don’t make decisions based on emotions. When it comes to market strategies, a disciplined approach wins. 

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