What is GTT Order (Good Till Triggered)

What comes to mind when you think of a stock market trader or investor? Is it someone who is glued to their computer screens all day keeping track of every share price change, ready to pounce on the next big opportunity? This does not have to be the case thanks to the advancements in the … Read more

Top 10 Mutual Funds for Long-Term Investing

top 10 mutual funds in india

While selecting mutual funds, one must keep in mind a few factors. One of the most important ones among them is diversification. Diversification is important because, first and foremost, one needs to protect their capital. Mutual funds save us from the hassle of analyzing and picking individual stocks, therefore it is expected that they should … Read more

The Engine of Market Forces: Supply and Demand

supply and demand

Exploring similarities between seemingly unrelated things Let’s start by talking about something that most people take for granted. Is it grocery stores, is it the census, is it GPS, is it goldfish, is it frogs… maybe mangoes 🥭? No, it’s markets. Who decides the prices of mangoes/equities/kidneys and oil? Mangoes are great, but where do … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Selecting Swing Trading Stocks

swing trading stocks

Swing trading is a popular trading strategy, especially among beginners in the Indian stock market. It involves taking advantage of short-term price fluctuations in stocks to make profits. But one of the most critical aspects of swing trading is knowing how to find the right stocks. Selecting stocks that have a higher probability of swinging … Read more

Benefits of International Trade: A Comprehensive Guidance in 2023

Why do countries trade

I acknowledge that intricate subjects such as Economics often come laden with profoundly abstruse terminology that can prove rather inscrutable for individuals of ordinary disposition to comprehend. Complex? The Power of Economics Simply put, Economics as a subject doesn’t have to be that complicated. Remember, Economics is the study of scarcity and choices. In this … Read more