Make Money Easily with Rupeezy (Asthatrade) Refer and Earn Program – FREE Bonus!

by Anjali Sharma
21 June 20243 min read
Make Money Easily with Rupeezy (Asthatrade) Refer and Earn Program – FREE Bonus!Make Money Easily with Rupeezy (Asthatrade) Refer and Earn Program – FREE Bonus!
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As a loyal customer of Rupeezy, you can now earn loyalty rewards by referring your family and friends to Rupeezy. 

We are delighted to share a referral program ‘Refer and Earn’ with you.

Let’s see how it works

  • You are eligible for the program if you have placed a minimum of five trades with your Rupeezy Account.
  • All customers eligible for the Referral Program will see a referral link in profile section of DOCK
  • You can share the referral link directly with your friends and family
  • Your friends need to open an Rupeezy account within 30 days of clicking the link.
  • After account opening, a trade placed within 30 days will give you 500 Astha Coins worth Rs 500
  • Your friend will get 250 Astha Coins. Now isn’t that amazing?

Every successful referral adds 500 Astha Coins to your Coin Wallet. You can check your coin balance in your app from the Astha Coins page. 

You can use these coins to settle (cashback) your brokerage charges for the last 30 days. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Sharing is caring ????

Earn Astha Coins and earn goodwill by sharing your wealth creation journey with your friends and family.

Refer and Earn FAQs

  1. How many Coins do I get per referral?
    • You’ll get 500 Astha Coins per referral
  2. When do I get Astha Coins after referral?
    • Once your friend opens an account and trades with us within 30 days of opening the account, you’ll get the Astha Coins in your Coin balance.
  3. What benefit does my friend get using my referral?
    • Your friend gets 250 Astha Coins on opening an account with us.
  4. How many Coins can I redeem?
    • You can redeem the brokerage you paid in the last 30 days. This redeemed amount will be added in your margin balance.
  5. What happens if I redeem Astha Coins?
    • You can redeem Astha Coins to add the same amount in your trading margin. e.g. Rs 100 will be added to the trading margin if you redeem 100 Rupeezy Coins.
  6. Can the Coins be transferred to my bank account?
    • No, Coins can only be used to cancel the brokerage paid by you in the last 30 days.
  7. What is the eligibility criteria?
    • Any person who has placed 5 trades with ACS will be given the privilege to refer and earn Astha Coins.
  8. What is Coin expiry?
    • Some Coins can also be allocated to you with an expiry date. You’ll need to trade and redeem the Coins before it expires to add the amount to your margin. Once expired, allocated Coins will be deducted from the Coin balance.
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