Guide to Placing Bracket Orders in Rupeezy (Asthatrade) Wave, Odin,Html Net Net

by Anjali Sharma
13 June 20245 min read
Guide to Placing Bracket Orders in Rupeezy (Asthatrade) Wave, Odin,Html Net NetGuide to Placing Bracket Orders in Rupeezy (Asthatrade) Wave, Odin,Html Net Net
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Asthatrade has launched Bracket order on all our trading platforms.

In this blog post we would be going to understand how to place Bracket Order In Asthatrade Wave mobile app, Odin which a downloadable application and our web based trading platform Html Net Net.

What is an order ?

An order is nothing but an instruction or command that an trader or investor gives to buy or sell stocks on a trading platform or to a stock broker.

This can be done online through trading terminal provided to you by your broker. In case if you are not user friendly towards technology you can do call&trade as well.

Bracket Orders (BO)

What if i tell you there is a order where you can place buying price (selling price), stop-loss price as well as target price.

Bracket orders consist of all this. The benefits of multiple orders placed through bracket order is, it allows you to fully automate a particular trade in a given security.

It essentially consists of 3 Legs or individual orders, which allows you to place a buy or sell order, its target order as well as its stop loss order.

The only drawback is that Bracket Orders typically restricted to a single day .

How To Place Bracket Order In Rupeezy Wave?

Once you login to Rupeezy wave application, go to your watch-list hover over or select the stock you want to place order.

A window will open for buy/sell, go to product type than select bracket order. As you can see in the image below.

Once you have selected the bracket order it will have three other tabs:

First is to enter the price at which you want to place the order it can be the LTP (last trading price) or price of your choice.

In profit order tab you need to put the target price at which want to sell or buy the shares.

In stop-loss order tab you can place the stop-loss. The moment you enter the details in above tab there will a range showing you in stop-loss tab.

Make sure you build a range of stop-loss in trigger and price option. Another thing is to place the stop-loss you have to enter the stock price not in points like 1,2,3 etc.

Once filled all the details, place your trade. After the order is placed you can see them on order book window, you can also exit your position or modify the order if you wish.

Two orders will stay in pending your target and stop-loss, once the stock price reaches any of them the other will be cancelled automatically.

You can download the Rupeezy wave app from here.

How To Place Bracket Order In Rupeezy HTML NET NET?

Similarly you can log in to our web based platform HTMLNETNET, go to your watch-list, select the option to buy/sell, a order window will appear.

Click on bracket order, now you will have the option for placing the target, stop-loss and trailing top-loss on the window.

As you can see in the image below in red color there are two options to enter the stop-loss order details and profit order which is nothing but the target details.


In green tab you can manually enter the price or let lit be at the LTP (last traded price) price.

In stop-loss order window you can create range for placing the stop-loss, the range that you make will already be mentioned, depending upon your strategy place the stop-loss.

As mentioned above keep the stop-loss by stock price not by entering simple numbers like 1,2,3 etc.


There is an another option of trailing your stop-loss. Trailing stop-loss simply means, with the movement of price in a stock you are changing your stop-loss price as well.

You can keep it in decimals .80 or digits 1, 2, 3etc. Trailing stop-loss is optional this is in case you want to keep its not compulsory.

Now at the end of the window enter the target price in stock price terms in profit order price tab. That’s it, submit and your order will be successful.

You can change/modify the order from order book or exit the position directly.

How To Place Bracket Order In Rupeezy Odin?

I hope from above two examples it is now very easy and understandable what you need to do.

So once you have logged in to Odin click on buy/sell order for stock that you want to place order. Select the bracket order.

A bracket order window will pop-up. As you can see in the image below:


Similar to above explanation, enter the price at which you want to place the order in blue tabs, quantity etc.

Now in the red box below you have to place the stop-loss in stop-loss order detail. It will automatically shows you the range in which you to keep it.

Trailing stop-loss is optional, you can apply if you want by putting the no. like 1,2,3 etc.

In third tab is the profit order detail enter the target price here at which you want to book your profit and place submit.

Go to order book to check your your orders , modify or exit in case you want. That’s it.

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How to place Bracket order in Rupeezy Wave Mobile App – Click here
How to place Bracket order in HTML Net Net – Click here

If you any confusion or facing any issue related to placing the bracket orders please send an email to or submit your ticket here.

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