SEBI’s New Circular on Settling Clients’ Funds for Running Accounts

SEBI circular for settlement of client funds lying in running accounts every quarter

On 27th July 2022, SEBI issued a guideline to Trading Members for settlement of client’s funds lying in running accounts with the trading members.

According to the circular, Trading Members must transfer the funds lying in client accounts after settlement at the End Of Day on the first Friday of every Quarter. I.e. First Friday of October , January 2023, April 2023 and October 2023 and so on. 

The funds lying in trading accounts for all clients on the specified day will be transferred to their primary bank accounts.

It is advised that you transfer the funds back to your trading account so that you have access to sufficient funds for trading on the next business day, considering the time taken for bank transfer and Sunday bank holiday in between.

To transfer funds from your bank account to Rupeezy account, follow the steps below:

Fund Transfer through Net Banking:

  1. Go to your Astha Dock app.
  1. Navigate to ‘Funds’ tab and click on ‘Net Banking’ 
  1. Fill the amount to be transferred in ‘Pay Amount’ field and click on ‘Pay Now’