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Waterbase Ltd, a Thapar Group aquaculture company based at Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) is the largest Indian player in the industry (aquaculture) and was incorporated in Nov. 1987. The Company is into the business of manufacturing and sale of Shrimp Feeds and Shrimp Aquaculture for 30 years. Apart from this, it is also in the business of Shrimp Hatchery.The companys 100% integrated aquaculture EOU consisting of a hatchery, a farm, a feed mill and a process plant set up in consultation with Luxe Enterprises, Taiwan was commissioned in July 1993. This project was part funded by a public issue of equity shares in June 1992. Again in January 1995 the company went for an public issue to part finance its expansion project of hiking capacity to 35000 tpa from the earlier capacity of 15000 tpa. In 1996-97, the company has successfully commissioned the fresh water shrimp hatchery and the next year the company has installed blast freezer enabling the company to process fish. Owning of Green cards for Exports to the US and HACCP complaint processing plant has given the company an advantage in pricing its products. Japan, USA and middle East countries were the major markets for the company. The company has obtained European Union approval for exports in 2000-01. The export of high quality value added products to USA will start once the company got the United States FDA approval was obtained. The FDA of US has inspected our plant to assess suitability in 2000-01.Feeds produced by the company enjoys strong consumer acceptance and the companys feed mill was accredited with ISO 9002. The company s R&D efforts to produce high quality feeds to meet differing farming requiremts of aquaculturists are successful and the company has launched two new extensive shrimp feeds under the brand names Supreme(for brackish water) and Magnum (for fresh water) during the year 1998-99. The company has augmented the feed mill capacity by 30% with the installation of two additional lines.The company which is incurring losses for several years owing to the external factors affecting the industry has decided to cleanse its Balance Sheet by adjusting its accumulated losses with the share premium. Pursuant to the Family Settlement Agreement and upon the transfer of voting rights, the existing Thapar Group shall be realigned and there shall be four separate groups belonging to each Thapar Brother. Consequently the company is in favour of IMT.The frozen sea food products under the brand Prize Catch was launched in Chennai during FY 17. The Company launched processed shrimps and pasteurized crab meat during 2016. The Scheme of Amalgamation between Pinnae Feeds Ltd. (PFL) with the Company was made effective on 27 November, 2017. During FY 2017, the Company exported nealry 407 Tons processed shrimps which rose by 200 Tons. It commissioned production in the hatchery for shrimp farming during 2018. The Company acquired 100% shares of M/s. Saatatya Vistaar Oorja Bengaluru Private Limited effective on 25 March, 2020.
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