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MTAR Technologies Limited was conceived in 1969 by three founders, P. Ravinder Reddy, K. Satyanarayana Reddy and P. Jayaprakash Reddy to address the growing post-embargo engineering requirements of India. The Company is a one-stop solution provider for complex manufacturing requirements. The Company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on November 11, 1999. The Company became a Public Limited Company with effect from November 2, 2020 and consequently the name of the Company was changed to MTAR Technologies Limited. The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing high precision and heavy equipment, components, machines for sectors including nuclear, aerospace, defence, etc. The Company provide one-stop solutions though the integration of its value-chain comprising design, precision machining, assembly, testing, quality control, specialized fabrication, brazing, heat treatment and other specialized processes. The Company focuses on complex mission critical projects that are difficult for most service providers, especially precision components with close tolerances (5-10 microns) and critical assemblies that serve projects of national importance. The Company specializes in the design and fabrication of complex assemblies like Fueling Machine Head, Bridge & Column, Coolant Channel assemblies and Drive Mechanisms for the core of nuclear reactors; Liquid Propulsion Engines, Electro-Pneumatic Modules for Space Launch Vehicles and Base Shroud Assemblies and Air frames etc. for missiles in the Space & Defence sectors; SOFC and hydrogen units for Fuel cells in the Clean Energy sector. The Company operate through six state of-the-art manufacturing facilities ,including one export oriented unit, each of which is situated in Hyderabad and is in the process of establishing sheet metal and specialized fabrication facilities at Adibatla unit. The units are equipped with state-of-the-art machining, assembly & testing, specialized fabrication, heat treatment, surface treatment and quality control facilities.These facilities have been invested with high tech CNC milling, turning, floor boring, jig boring machines etc., assembly and testing facilities as well as specialized fabrication, quality control, heat treatment, surface treatment and other specialized processes. The Company is a leading national player in precision engineering catering to strategic sectors on account of its deep technology commitment. This has been reinforced by a focus on proactive investments in cutting-edge technologies. The Companys state-of-the-art facilities comprise more than 400 equipment items. This investment has strengthened the companys positioning as a one-stop solution provider.The Company has designed and built with in-house expertise sophisticated special purpose machines instead of importing comparable machines. The Company built machines such as SPM 99, gantry special purpose machines, deep hole boring machines and vertical honing machines, among others, used for special purpose operations. Its state of-the-art manufacturing facilities enabled to produce build-to-print products of high dimensional accuracy in line with customer specifications. The Company source materials from third party suppliers depending on project complexity, especially those involving critical and sensitive raw materials. The materials utilized for products catering to the Clean Energy and Civil Nuclear Power sectors, and other consumables and bought-outs, are mostly sourced from third party suppliers.The Company addresses the growing needs of marquee Indian customers like Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Indian Space Research Organization, Defence Research and Development Organization and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd; its global customers comprise respected organizations like Bloom Energy, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd and Elbit Systems.In 1969, the Company established Unit 1 to supply coolant channel assemblies to the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).In 1975, the Company started Montage (MTAR Unit 4) for Rough Machining Operations.In 1978-80, the Company established heat treatment & surface treatment plant (MTAR Unit 5). It established MTAR Unit 3 for additional capacity of component manufacturing.In 1983, the Company commenced supplies of components to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).In 1985-86, the Company started manufacturing ball screws and ventured into Defense manufacturing by adding DRDO to the customer base.In 1989, the Company supplied the First Vikas Engine.In 2002, the Company bestowed the Award for Excellence in Aerospace Indigenisation by Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries for outstanding contribution towards indigenization of the machining of critical components for Kaveri engines.In 2004, the Company was awarded the INS Industrial Excellence Award by the Indian Nuclear Society for contributions in the nuclear field through critical development assignments.In 2005, the Company was awarded the Defence Technology Absorption Award by the Defence Research and Development Organization in recognition of technology absorption in the area of Agni missiles.In the period of 2010-12, the Company commissioned an Export-Oriented Unit (EOU) & commenced manufacture of SOFC units for fuel cells of Bloom Energy.In 2018, the Company entered aerospace segment, added Elbit Systems and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, some of the largest global players as clients.In 2018, the Company was awarded the Best Quality Supplier Award by the helicopter division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in 2018.In 2020, the Company commenced the development of Roller Screws that are import substitutes. It supplied complex assemblies to the core of Kakrapar, Indias first 700 MW nuclear reactor commissioned in July 2020.In 2021, the Company completed the development of electro-pneumatic modules that shall be used in satellites in space.In 2020, the Company received an Appreciation Letter from RCI for the contribution towards the indigenization of ball screws for actuation systems.The engine for the PSLV-C25, which launched the Mars Orbiter Mission Spacecraft (Mangalyaan mission), was supplied to ISRO by the Company. The engine for the PSLV-C49, which injected EOS-01 (earth observation satellite) was provided to ISRO by the Company. The Company was integral to GSLV Mark III engine for the Chandrayaan II mission. It has been serving Civil Nuclear Power sector customers for over 35 years; it sustained relationships with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited for over 16 years. The Company is developing associated technology for roller screws that substitutes imports across the Defence and Space segments for the first time in India. The Company is manufacturing or fabricating grid fin components, liquid propulsion engines and other assemblies for Gaganyaan, Indias first human flight mission. The Company is committed to reduce the global carbon footprint through the manufacture of SOFC units, hydrogen boxes and electrolyzers for fuel cells of Bloom Energy. SOFC units use methane as an input to generate power; the process generates 66% less carbon than thermal power plants. In collaboration with Bloom Energy, the Company has developed prototypes for hydrogen boxes that draw on hydrogen as an input to generate power and the manufacture of electrolyzers that generate green hydrogen from steam. It also fabricate specialized components for hydel power sector.The Company initiated work on the establishment of sheet metal and specialized fabrication; Adibatla facilities are expected to be operational by FY 2021-22. The new facilities are expected not only to increase wallet share from existing clients but also add multi-national customers. The Company is presently involved in the development of a Semi-Cryo Engine, the next generation liquid propulsion engine that uses kerosene as a propellant and liquid oxygen as an oxidizer, expected to be rolled out in FY 2021-22. Besides, a Semi Cryo Engine improves the payload carrying capacity of GSLV Mark III to 6 tons from 4 tons. It commenced the development of associated technologies for the manufacture of roller screws and electro-mechanical actuators and are excited about rolling these products out in FY 2021-22.The Company has been accredited with certifications like ISO 14001:2015 and AS 9100 D (technically equivalent to EN 9100:2018 and JISQ 9100:2016). The facilities at Unit 2 and EOU have been certified for ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System. It has completed the NADCAP audit formalities for facilities at Unit 2 and MTS; the facilities are expected to be certified for NADCAP in H1 FY 2021-22.
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