Upsurge Seeds of Agriculture Limited
Start Date29-07-2022
Application Timing10am-5pm
Price Range₹120 - ₹120
Min Qty1200
Min. Investment₹144000
Listing Date29-07-2022
Close Date02-08-2022

About Upsurge Seeds of Agriculture Limited

Incorporated in 2017, Upsurge Seeds of Agriculture Limited (USA) is a seeds manufacturing company engaged in business of growing, developing, processing and marketing of variety of seeds for a range of field crops and

Why To Invest in Upsurge Seeds of Agriculture Limited

USAL has posted boosted bottom line for FY22 which is helping its IPO pricing to be around 22 P/E. Based on this ratio, the issue is fully priced. It placed shares at Rs. 60 in January 2022 and now mulls doubt the price from new investors. Of late many

Strengths And Risks
Competitive Strengths:: Wide Range of Seeds and its Variants Quality Assurance Customer Satisfaction Experienced Promoter supported by dedicated Management team Proven track record of robust financial performance
What is the objective of the issue? +

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