Hma Agro Industries Limited
Start Date20-06-2023
Application Timing10am-5pm
Price Range₹555 - ₹585
Min Qty25
Min. Investment₹13875
Listing DateNA
Close Date23-06-2023

About Hma Agro Industries Limited

HMA Agro is among the largest exporters of frozen buffalo meat products from India and accounts for more than 10% of India’s total export of frozen buffalo meat. Their products are mainly packaged under the brand name “Black Gold”, “Kamil” & “HMA” and exported to over 40 countries all over the globe. The group has been in the meat industry for over four decades and own four fully integrated packaged meat processing plants. With a robust export business and well-established distribution channels across 40 countries, recently diversified product portfolio by adding Frozen Fish Products, Basmati Rice and planning to start 131 Poultry and other agri products as business verticals.

The world's total production of beef and buffalo meat was estimated at 59.348 million tonnes in 2022. Top 5 countries including US, Brazil, China, EU, and India account for 70% of the world's total production of beef and buffalo meat.

Meat is a major dietary component across the globe and a major source of dietary protein. In 2022, 360 million tonnes of meat was produced in the world, 1.2% higher compared to 356 million tonnes produced in 2021 . Region wise, Asia contributes 43% of the total production followed by Europe and North America. 

India has one of the largest cattle populations in the world and it accounts for more than 110 million buffaloes which is 43% of world buffalo population.  India is also the fifth largest producer of buffalo meat in the world

Why To Invest in Hma Agro Industries Limited

Leading player in buffalo meat exports business with established market in over 40 countries, well known brands, production capability and robust revenue growth in a strictly regulated industry.

Strengths And Risks
Established Brand:: HMA exports to more than 40 countries under well recognised brands “Black Gold”, “Kamil” & “HMA”. Their products are bought off the shelf at local stores in these countries by end users. Diversified Market Reach: HMA caters to both domestic and international markets in across 40 countries with exports accounting to almost 90% of revenues. Diversified market reach and presence derisks the business from dependence on single geography.
Strong Customer Relationships: : HMA exports their products to re-distributors in various countries and have relations with these distributors for over decades.
Well Established Set-up: : Company maintains high quality of production and sanitation standards with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) in line with International Codex Alimentarius Standards.
Experienced Management Team: : The Promoters of the company, have significant industry experience and have been instrumental in the consistent growth and company’s performance.
Raw Materials: : Raw material accounts for more than 70% of cost structure. Any changes in raw material availability or price hike can impact supply and revenues.
Competition: : Meat industry is highly competitive with a number of local, national and multinational players operating in various markets. Any loss of market share to competition can affect revenue.
Livestock DIsease Outbreak: : Sudden and frequent disease outbreak results in govt restrictions on supply, export of products and even destroying livestock. This can result in canceled orders, loss of business and reputation.
Forex Risk: : With export receivables in forex and payables for plant, machinery in forex, any fluctuation in Indian Rupee against foreign currencies impacts the business profits significantly.
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