Fedbank Financial Services Limited
Start Date22-11-2023
Application Timing10am-5pm
Price Range₹133 - ₹140
Min Qty107
Min. Investment₹14231
Listing DateNA
Close Date24-11-2023

About Fedbank Financial Services Limited

Why To Invest in Fedbank Financial Services Limited

Retail-focused NBFC promoted by Federal Bank, fastest growing gold loan NBFC and third fastest AUM growth among peers. The IPO proceeds will be utilised towards augmenting Company’s Tier – I capital base to meet future capital requirements.

Strengths And Risks
Large Underpenetrated Market : The Indian retail credit market is growing at a strong pace, from Rs. 30 trillion in Fiscal 2018 to Rs. 60 trillion in Fiscal 2023. Retail credit is expected to further grow at a CAGR of 13-15% between Fiscals 2023 and 2025. The credit gap is much larger in case of ESEIs, and Fedbank is we are focused on catering to the financial needs of such ESEIs.
Collateralised Lending Model: Fedbank is focused on retail loan products with a collateralized lending model targeting individuals and the emerging MSME sector which is difficult to replicate. More than 85% of loan assets are secured by tangible assets e.g. gold or property, which hedges default risk.
Diversified Source of Funding: They have the ability to access borrowings at a competitive cost due to stable credit history, credit ratings, conservative risk management policies and strong brand equity. As a result, they have the second lowest cost of borrowing among the MSME, gold loan and MSME & gold loan peer set in India in Fiscal 2023.
Strong Underwriting: Fedbank has put in place robust credit and approval processes across operations, including credit, market, liquidity, operational, regulatory and legal, cyber and information security and reputational risks. In addition, we have a strong internal control environment.
Default Risk: We primarily serve ESEIs and MSMEs, often considered to be higher credit risk customers, and are generally less financially resilient than large corporate borrowers due to their increased exposure to fluctuations in cash flows due to adverse economic factors.
Interest Rate Risk: Financial institutions are affected by volatility in interest rates for both lending and treasury operations, which could cause their net interest income and margin to vary and affect profitability.
Regional Concentration: Their operations are concentrated in Western and Southern regions, which make it vulnerable to region specific risks. Also, company may find it difficult to expand in new regions for future growth.
Product RIsk: Company is dependent on gold loan products for a significant portion of revenues. However, the revenue from gold loan products may decline due to increased competition, regulatory action, or fluctuation in the demand for such products, which may adversely affect the business.
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