Ethos Limited
Start Date18-05-2022
Application Timing10am-5pm
Price Range₹836 - ₹878
Min Qty17
Min. Investment₹14212
Listing Date18-05-2022
Close Date20-05-2022

About Ethos Limited

Ethos Limited sells premium luxury watches through its website, social media platforms, and physical stores. The business model of this company has an 'omnichannel' approach, meaning that customers can purchase products at one store and return them at

Why To Invest in Ethos Limited

  • None of the publicly traded companies in India engages in a business similar to Ethos.
  • It commands a healthy 20% market share in the luxury watch retail segment. It also has a market share of 13% in the premium watch retail segment in the
Strengths And Risks
: By targeting luxury consumers, the business of this company has been able to grow exponentially. The firm possesses a deep knowledge of e-commerce and omnichannel commerce. The company has strategically placed its stores in high-traffic areas and invested its resources in creating a pleasant experience for customers. It has established strong and long-standing partnerships with luxury watch brands and, subsequently, a customer base of luxury groups. The luxury watch market is attractive for brand leadership. The company's management team has years of experience in the business and is committed to delivering results.
Weakness: Future pandemics or natural disasters could negatively impact the business of Ethos Limited. The majority of the company's suppliers do not have signed contracts or written agreements with the company. The company is dependent on the production and global performance, and reputation of its watch brands. The company's inability to assess client demand effectively and maintain a proper level of stock in its stores might negatively affect operations.

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