The Engine of Market Forces: Supply and Demand

supply and demand

Exploring similarities between seemingly unrelated things Let’s start by talking about something that most people take for granted. Is it grocery stores, is it the census, is it GPS, is it goldfish, is it frogs… maybe mangoes 🥭? No, it’s markets. Who decides the prices of mangoes/equities/kidneys and oil? Mangoes are great, but where do … Read more

Benefits of International Trade: A Comprehensive Guidance in 2023

Why do countries trade

I acknowledge that intricate subjects such as Economics often come laden with profoundly abstruse terminology that can prove rather inscrutable for individuals of ordinary disposition to comprehend. Complex? The Power of Economics Simply put, Economics as a subject doesn’t have to be that complicated. Remember, Economics is the study of scarcity and choices. In this … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Equity Shares and Preference Shares

equity shares and preference shares

In the bustling arena of the stock market, knowledge is power. Investors seek to build their financial fortresses based on informed decisions. One such critical decision lies in understanding various investment options in stock market and arm yourself with basics e.g. what are equity shares and preference shares and the difference between equity vs preference … Read more