Trade Nifty and Banknifty Futures with Less Margin By Hedging!

“Trade with less margin by using Hedging methods in intraday positions” Some of the hedging methods that you can use to get the benefit of hedging: Market View – Bullish Actions Step 1) Buy low premium  Put Option  in Intraday (3 times leverage) Step 2) Buy Underlying Future Market View – Bearish Actions Step 1) Buy low … Read more

The Future of Physical Settlement in All Futures and Options Stocks in 2023

Physical Settlement In All FNO Stocks From October 2019 Expiry

Introduction All Stock options and futures contracts will be physically settled from October 2019 expiry. The market regulator SEBI made the way for physical settlement of stock derivatives earlier in April 2019. This changeover from current cash Settlement to physical settlement is based on average daily market capitalisation of the stocks. All stock derivatives which … Read more