What is the Smart Explore Feature on Rupeezy? Latest Update

Smart Explore Feature on Rupeezy

Risk and return are the two important faces of the same coin. When it comes to investing, understanding the risk-return tradeoff plays a very important role in making well-thought-out decisions. But how does one analyse the risk-return tradeoff when it comes to mutual funds, and wouldn’t it be better if we could understand this relationship … Read more

Best Mutual Fund Apps to Invest in India for 2024

Best mutual fund apps

In recent years, the Indian markets have witnessed a significant surge in the number of investors turning to mutual funds to invest. However, novice investors often find it hard to find the right app or broker to invest in a mutual fund, making mistakes here can often prove to be costly in the long run. … Read more

What is Nifty Next 50?

What is Nifty Next 50?

The Nifty Next 50 index is an important index in the Indian stock markets. This index consists of companies with the growth potential to soon be part of the 50 largest companies in India. In this article, we’ll break down the Nifty Next 50 index and also cover the companies that make up the Nifty … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About AMC Charges for DEMAT Accounts

amc charges

Investing in the stock market has become incredibly easy, thanks to demat accounts. However, along with the convenience of digital trading comes certain costs, the most significant being the demat AMC charges or Account Maintenance Charges. As per SEBI data, there were over 100 million demat account holders in India as of 2023, all of … Read more

Bonus Shares: Definition, Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

what are bonus shares

In 2018, Infosys, one of India’s leading IT companies, created headlines by announcing a 1:1 bonus share issue. Infosys has declared bonus shares 8 times since 1994. The bonus issuance sparked excitement among its shareholders, as it indicated the company’s sustained growth and commitment to rewarding investors. Bonus shares play a significant role in the … Read more