The Engine of Market Forces: Supply and Demand

supply and demand

Exploring similarities between seemingly unrelated things Let’s start by talking about something that most people take for granted. Is it grocery stores, is it the census, is it GPS, is it goldfish, is it frogs… maybe mangoes 🥭? No, it’s markets. Who decides the prices of mangoes/equities/kidneys and oil? Mangoes are great, but where do … Read more

₹2000 Note Withdrawal: Impact on Share Market and Economy

Rs 2000 note withdrawal

Detailed Explain On 2000 RS Note It’s been five days since RBI announced its decision to phase out Rs 2000 currency note from active circulation by 30th September 2023.  After the initial panic and furore settled over the validity of the denomination and exchange process, there are interesting trends to witness. In this article we … Read more