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183.85 CrDec'23 (Standalone)
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TTK Healthcare Limited, a TTK Group Company was incorporated in May 1958 as Orient Pharma and later renamed as TTK Pharma in Nov 81. The Company is the owner of famous Woodwards Gripewater brand. The Company operate into five main Strategic Business Units namely, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Foods and Protective Devices divisions. It is engaged into Animal Welfare Products, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Protective Devices and Foods Businesses. In 1992, the company came out with a rights issue at a premium of Rs 35 aggregating Rs 5.81 cr to finance long-term working capital needs, normal capital expenditure, and product promotion. Products of TTK Healthcare include cardiac care systems, blood management systems, renal care systems, hospital accessories, antibiotics, Woodwards gripe water, animal medicines, etc. It also has a consumer products and food division manufacturing kiwi shoe polishes, snacks, etc. The company has collaborations with a number of foreign corporations such as London International, Kali-Chemi, Germany; Hatu-ICO, Spain; Nicholas Kiwi, US, etc. The products of the company are exported to the UK, Egypt, the US, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Carribean countries, etc.The Pallavaram plant of the company has been accredited with the ISO 14002 certification by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Also, one of the group companies, TT Maps and Publications was merged with TTK Pharma in 1993.The company faced some rough weather in Jul.95 when the MRTPC ordered an inquiry against it for allegedly directing its whole-salers to keep a minimum stock of the companys products and defining their area of operations. During 1996-97, the company has tied up with M/s Mentholatum India Pvt Ltd.During the year 1999-2000, as a part of the restructuring programme, the paper divison of the company has been disposed off and the merger of TTK Biomed has been approved by the Honble High Court Of Madras with retrospective effect from July 1, 1999.In 2000-01, the company has vacated the bulk drug business segment by disposing of the Bulk Drugs & Formulations facility at Hyderabad.The High Court, Madras has approved the scheme of amlagamation between TTK Medical Devices Ltd. and the company.During the financial year 2003-04,the Heart Valve division of the company has been awarded ISO 9001-2000 Certification by RWTUV,Germany.Under the Ethical Products Division, Company launched three new products viz., OFORD-LB (Ofloxcacin with Omidazole & Lactobacillus - a broad spectrum antimicrobial); NUROBEST (Methylcobalamin with Alpha Lipoic Acid - to prevent and treat neuropathy); and OSSOPAN-ALFA (Calcium with Alfacalcidol - to prevent and treat Osteoporosis) DURING 2004. During November 2004, a Strategic Partner was inducted into M/s.TTK Healthcare Services Private Limited, the Subsidiary of Company to infuse further capital into this entity. Consequent to allotment of shares to the said Strategic Partners by TTK Healthcare Services Private Limited, the Shareholding of Company in the said Subsidiary reduced from 56.33% to 35.06% during the year 2004-05 and consequently, TTK Healthcare Services Private Limited ceased to be the Subsidiary of Company.During 2005, the Company launched OSSOGEMS (Chewable Milk Qalcium) and re-launched ARTHRID (an anti-Arthritis Formulation). Under the Animal Welfare Division, three new products viz., LYSETIK (Deltamethrin), ENROBEST (Enrofloxacin) and TT ZYME (Cocktail Enzyme) have been recently launched. To bring about an enhanced focus on the HerbalProducts Segment, Company launched a New Marketing Division VENTURA. It expanded the Animal Welfare Division operations in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.The Company launched Moisturizer under the Brand Eva Nourish during the year 2006. It launched a range of Pain Management Products under the brand name DOLOBEST and three new products viz., CALCITRIOL (a Calcium Supplement), RABULCER-D (an AntiUlcerant) and LEVOCOLD (an Anti-cold preparation) under the Ethical Products Division. It launched 3 new products viz., PROTOGEN-G (Protein Supplement). DELiVERA (Moisturizing Cream) and CLIMACTER (forMenopausal Symptoms) under Ventura Division. It launched quality soap for babies under the brand Woodwards Baby Bath in two variants in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh under the Consumer Products Division. It launched BLOX (Toxin Binder), TEFROLI FORTE PET (Liver Tonic) and TT-CEF (Cephalosporin Injection) under the Animal Welfare business division.During the year 2007, the Company launched three new products viz., LYCO-Q (Male Infertility Formulation), ARTHRID OIL (Anti-Arthritis Formulation) and UTRONORM FORTE (Fortified Version of Poly Herbal Uterine Tonic) under the Ventura Division; launched a new product viz., IMMULAR (Herbal Immuno Modulator) under the Animal Welfare Division. It launched a Moisturizer and a Lip Balm under the EVA brand. During year 2008, the Company launched five new products viz., Lycoprost-SP (for treating prostate enlargement); Dolout-P (pain killer); Krease (pancreatin enzyme); Elcarim IQ (IQ enhancer); and Calzibor (calcium supplement) under the Ventura Division. Animal Welfare Division launched four new products viz., Prophytase (enzyme preparation); Rumibest (digestive powder); Lavitone Liquid & Lavitone-H Injection (vitamin supplement); and Melobest-P (antiinflammatory / analgesic Injection). The business undertaking of Medical Devices Division at Waluj was sold during the year. During year 2009, the Company launched four formulations viz., LR Zin, LR Zin Forte, CCQ 25 and CCQ 50 into the Ventura Division. Melobest Inj. and Melobest Bolus (Antiinflammatory/Analgesic) were added to the range into the Animal Welfare Division. Fantasy Talc was added to the talcum powder range. Further, EVA Sun Shield got launched under the skin care category. Under the Good Home Range, Room Spray and new variants of Scrubbers such as Large, 2-in-one, Xtra Tough, etc., were introduced into the Consumer Products Division. In 2010, P-Biotic (a combination of Pre & Probiotic), Urofit (an alkalizer for managing renal stones), Ossopan BMD (a mineral fortified calcium preparation for the treatment of osteoporosis) and Folibest DHA (folic acid and iodine based supplement) were launched into the Ethical Products Division. Company enhanced its presence in the anti-infertility segment with the launch of three new formulations viz., Aromatin (Letrozole), ChromiNac-A (a combination of Chromium Picolinate and N-Acetyl Cysteine) and Carni-Q (a combination of L-Carnitine and Co-enzyme Q10). Increlac (Herbal Galactagogue), Gestaforte Plus Bolus (Fertility Promoter), Blox OA (Toxin Binder with organic acids) were the new products added to the range into the Animal Welfare Division Buisness during the year 2009-10. The Company acquired the Manufacturing Facility for Orthopaedic Implants including Total Knee Replacement System from Invicta Meditek Limited in July 2009 by getting into the Ortho Segment. The Pellet (Pappad) manufacturing line imported from M/s Fen, Italy was erected and commissioned in November, 2010 into the Foods Business. The Lip Balm was introduced into the Consumer Products Division during the year 2010-11. In November 2012, TTK Protective Devices Limited launched a new brand of Condom Skore into the Consumer Products Business division. A small manufacturing facility was set up for manufacturing Instrumentation Sets at Chromepet, Chennai into the Ortho Division. The Fen make Pellet (Pappad) Manufacturing line acquired from M/s McFills, Ahmedabad was commissioned and both the Fen Lines and the old refurbished Pavan Lines started working at full capacity into the Foods Business Division. Thereafter, the Company launched retail packs of Ready-to-fry Snack Pellets (Pappads) in Andhra Pradesh, during First Quarter of 2013-14.The Company embarked upon growing projects for Foods Business including the new manufacturing facility set up in Jaipur in 2013-14.It introduced a number of products in Anti-Ulcerant, Respiratory, Infertility and Gynaecology segments to consolidate into these therapeutic segments of Ethical Products Division (EPD) & Ventura Division during 2015-16.During the year 2016-17, Company introduced a couple of line extensions under Ossopan brand to strengthen the Calcium Segment. During the year 2016-17, ompany made an investment of Rs.3.40 lakhs in M/s Renew Wind Power (AP) Private Limited, in connection with purchase of wind power, by way of subscription to the issue of 3,400 Equity Shares of face value of Rs.10 each at a price of Rs.100 per Equity Share. Subsequently, 2,500 Equity Shares were transferred to M/s Renew Wind Power (Karnataka Three) Private Limited at a price of Rs.100 each, thus holding the balance 900 Equity Shares of Rs.10 each (Rs.0.90 lakhs) as on 31st March, 2017.During year 2017-18, TTK Protective Devices Limited and its Wholly Owned Subsidiary TSL Techno Services Limited was merged with the Company through the Scheme of Amalgamation dated 15th December, 2017, where the Appointed Date of the Scheme was 1st April, 2012. Consequent to the above, the erstwhile TTK Protective Devices Limited became a Division of Company and for operational convenience, which was named as Protective Devices Division. The development and testing of Cementless Hip Implant was commissioned into the Ortho Division during the year 2018-19. During the year 2019-20, the Company had bifurcated the Ventura Division into- (i) Ventura - Gynaec; and (ii) Ventura - Fertility. Jessica QF (a novel pregnancy supplement), Sensipreg SR (progesterone), Erafos (Fosfomycin) and Pufer (a Haematinic) was newly launched in 2019-20. The packaging of the EVA Deodorant was fully revamped with a two tone colour scheme and also complete change in the graphics of the pack. This new pack was launched in March, 2019. Skore brand was extended with pleasure aids like Orgasmic Gel for women, Vibrating Rings as well as Pheromone Activating Spray for men.During the year 2020-21, the Company launched products such as Bilbay M (Antihistamine) and Ossopan Active (Immunity booster) into the Respiratory and GP/CP segments, respectively.During the year 2021-22, the Human Pharma Division (Undertaking) of Company was transferred, as a going concern, on a slump sale basis, for a consideration of Rs.805 crores to M/s BSV Pharma Private Limited (BSV), with effect from 9th May, 2022. Two new products, viz., Chirocyst DS and PCO 360 were launched under Ventura Division during 2021-22. The launch of Sponge Wipes and Ultra-scrubbers widened the portfolio into the Good Home Business division during the year. During the year 2022-23, Company launched the improved Skore 4.0 version with a new packaging and also added lubricants to the range into Protective Devices Business. It recommenced manufacturing operations at the Virudhunagar facility.
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