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₹557 4.000.72 %(in 1 day)

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8.57 CrDec'23 (Standalone)
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Kernex Microsystems (India) Ltd was incorporated on September 16, 1991 with the object of designing, developing, installing and maintaining software packages for domestic and international markets. The company was registered as 100% Export Oriented Unit with Software Technology Parks of India, Department of Electronics, Govt. of India, New Delhi.The Company is a software development and consultancy company. The company is engaged in the Manufacture and sale of Safety Systems like Anti-Collision Devices for Railways and Software Services. They are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with expertise in Software, Hardware development and Systems Integration. The company holds exclusive license for manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of anti-collision systems in India. They are also an outsourced facility for the Konkan Railways Corporation Ltd for manufacture and supply of ACDs and related accessories. They are also a technology partner for the development and implementation of ADDs for Metro Sky-Bus Urban Transportation System, Advanced Railway Signal Systems and other safety systems. They hold the exclusive marketing rights of ACD systems all over the world except India.In March 1992, the company developed the software Mimex for GUI application. In March 1993, they exported Mimex and developed product like learnX, Flicker and MathX. In March 1995, they exported the software MathX. In September 1996, they made as business relationship with Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd by supplying Intelligent Data Acquisition Systems for centrally monitoring arrival and departure timings of trains at each station.In October 1996, the company stared Oracle Financial Training Center at Hyderabad and in May 1997, they started Oracle Financial Training Center at Bangalore. In June 1998, they commissioned the Intelligent Data Acquisition Systems at 49 stations of Konkan Railway Projects. In October 1999, the company developed prototype ACDs and was demonstrated to Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. In December 1999, they demonstrated prototype ACD to Minister of Railways, GoI.In March 2000, the company signed an MoU with Konkan Railways Corporation Ltd as technology partner for ACDs design and development. In September 2000, they set up a 100% subsidiary in US. In June 2002, the company obtained IS/ISO 9001:2000 Certification from Lloyds Registry Quality Assurance.In February 2003, the company signed an agreement with Konkan Railways Corporation Ltd for manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of ACDs. In April 2003, they started working on SATDHAM safety system in partnership with KRCL.In January 2004, the company commenced work on ACD deployment in North Frontier Railway. In March 2004, they established a manufacturing facility for ACDs with an annual capacity of 4200 at their premises. Also, they commenced work on ACD deployment in Konkan Railways and the deployment was completed in July 2004. In October 2004, the company entered into agreement with KRCL for providing Outsourced Manufacturing Facility for manufacturing ACDs. In June 2005, the company signed an MoU with KRCL as a technology partner of Metro Sky Bus System to provide ADDs, Station Controllers and Related Application Software. In December 6, 2005, the company made an initial public offer of 3,960,444 equity shares of Rs10 each for cash at a price of Rs 250 per equity share aggregating Rs 9901.11 lakh. In December 20, 2005, the equity shares of the company were listed on Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd and The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.During the year 2007-08, 375 ACDs with ABUs were fitted in Locos at Howrah, Andal, Patratu, Jamalpur, Mughalsarai, and Gonda after being duly manufactured at their facility. They also o fitted additional Loco Bahar line ACDs and TID Assignment ACDs wherever required. In Konkan Route, over 98 Repeaters were fitted in tunnels and also 11 Nos. Loco ACDs in Loco sheds after portable Loco ACD were converted into full size Loco ACDs.During the year, the company undertook the study of WG4 locos for interfacing their braking system with ACDs. Also, they entered in to Technology partnership with Tiffien Batch, Germany for providing Automatic & Semi Automatic Level crossing system, up to Sil 3 levels.During the year 2008-09, the company successfully developed and demonstrated RFID technology for the ACD and Tunnel Repeater Radio Network, special Goods Guard ACD for use in RE Route, Gangman ACD and use of DOMs in place of disc-on-chips. They also developed 3/2 voting system that can work upto SIL 3 level for semi-automatic gates. In November 2008, the company signed a contract with Egyptian National Railways, Egypt for supply and Development of 136automatic level crossing gates. In January 21, 2010, the company executed an Operational and Comprehensive Maintenance Contract Agreement with Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd, Mumbai for ACD Networking Systems supplied to North Frontier Railways by Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. The value of the contract and supplies is approximately Rs 35.76 crore.In 2011-12, the Company completed development and shipment of 136 Lx Systems to Egyptian National Railways. In 2012-13, the Company developed Anti Collision Devices System Ver 1.0 along with Konkan Railways Corporation and commissioned the systems in Konkan Route over 730 KMS and 730 KMS in N.F Railway during 2004-2007. Comprehensive Maintenance Contract operations for the year 2012-2013 was carried out, in NF Railway over 1800 KMS from Katihar to Dibrugarh and 12 Loco sheds. The ACD system was maintained in 2012-2013, which involved over 575 Loco ACDs, 750 Static ACDs at Stations, at Gates and 245 Mobile ACDs, over forward repair centers located at 4 places at Guwahati, Jalpaiguri, Burdwan and Tinsukia functioned well.In 2013-14, Company was engaged with RDSO Lucknow of Indian Railways in developing Train Collision Avoidance System, which was awarded in April/May 2013 along with one more competitor, at a cost of Rs.5.8 crores. Project involved development of Hardware and Software to meet the functional logics and safety requirements of Indian Railways including Design, Manufacturing and Supply of all components of TCAS System. It manufactured about 4 prototype units and installed them on Electric and Diesel Locos and Stations in Tandur section about 120 KMS from Hyderabad.During the year 2014-2015, the Company was involved in developing TCAS system under RDSO of Indian Railways. As regards to Northern Frontier Railway, OMC and AMC of ACD System was completed.The Company in 2018-19, manufactured and supplied 10.1 inch Rugged Panel PC for 2,900 numbers to BEL, Punchukola. These units were used in Rail Transport information System (RTIS) to display real time data.During the Year 2019-2020, new section in SCR for 250 Km based on the bid and works for installation and commissioning of the new Section began from Dec 2020. A Section of 6 Km including Hafizpet Station, Secunderabad Division, was made functional with one Station TCAS and 5 RIUs to provide the platform for field trials and approval.In 2021-22, the Company implemented a project Rail Yard Collision Avoidance System (RYCAS) with M/s. Teledesign Radios which were compliant to US Radio communication spcifications.
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Ans: 52 weeks High price of KERNEX MICROSYS(I) LTD is : 0

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