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₹1500 9.000.6 %(in 1 day)

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266.31 CrSep'23 (Standalone)
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About Company

GMM Pfaudler Limited (GMMPL) [formerly known as Gujarat Machinery Manufacturers], is a leading supplier of engineered equipment and systems for critical applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and energy sectors to organisations around the globe. The Company is primarily engaged in manufacture of corrosion resistant glass-lined equipment used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and allied industries. It manufactures Wiped Film Evaporators, Agitated Nutche Filters, Hiefficiency Mixing Systems, PTFE lined equipment etc apart from glass lined equipment in which Company is the largest producer in India. It has 18 manufacturing facility in Karamsad, Gujarat.The company was incorporated in November 17th, 1962 and commenced commercial production in 1965. It started manufacturing glasslined equipment in 1969, with technology acquired from Hampart, Hungary. However, with passage of time, this technology became obsolete. For keeping ahead of others in technology, in 1988, GMML entered into a technical and financial tie-up with Pfaudler Companies, US. Pfaudler, a world leader in the field, acquired a 40% stake in the company and it currently holds 51% stake in the company. During 1993-94, GMML commenced manufacture of corrosion resistant fluoropolymer products in technical collaboration with Eldon Products, US, and filter dryers in collaboration with Rosenmund, Switzerland. The company has also entered into a technical know-how agreement with Chemineer Inc of USA for manufacture of certain chemical process equipment.By commissioning a new state-of-the-art micro processor controlled electric furnace in Jan.95, GMMPL has doubled its capacity as well as its ability, to manufacture glasslined reactors and tanks upto 25,000 ltr. In 1995-96, the company installed additional five wind turbine generators with a combined capacity of 1000 kW at Bhogat (Jamnagar district), Gujarat. With this, the company has a total of nine wind turbine generators with a combined capacity of 1800 kW. During 1996-97, the Company started a new re glassing division which reconditions and re glasses used glass lined equipment.The Company and its wholly owned subsidiaries had purchased 620,095 Equity Shares of Nile Ltd. being 20.74% of Niles equity capital in 2007.During the year 2008, the Company acquired Mavag AG of Switzerland a leading supplier of highly engineered critical equipment for the pharmaceutical, bio engineering and fine chemicals industries, which was ompleted on January 11, 2008.In year 2013, the Companys ultimate holding Company Robbins & Myers Inc, USA, merged with National Oilwell Varco Inc.(NOV) USA on February 20, 2013 and consequently, NOV became the ultimate holding company effective from February 21, 2013.During year 2018, Company launched Project Shakti and commissioned a new natural gas furnace. It introduced 2 new companiesto their group during the year, Interseal a supplier of sealing technology and Normag a supplier of laboratory glassware.On April 26, 2019, Company acquired the Industrial Mixing Solutions Division (IMSD) of Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd., Pune. In June 2020, Company acquired manufacturing facility from De Dietrich Process Systems India Pvt. Ltd. at Hyderabad. In 2021-22, the Company commenced manufacturing operations of new factory located in Vatva, which became fully operational effective from May 2021. It commissioned new furnaces in India, Brazil and US. It launched new Drying technology for Chemical Industry. It launched new Mixing technology for fermentation.In February 2023, the Company acquired 100% stake in Mixel France SAS and its wholly owned subsidiary Mixel Agitator Co. Ltd for a consideration of Rs 67 Crore. It acquired a majority 54% stake of its parent, the Pfaudler Group from the private equity firm Deutsche Beteiligungs AG Fund VI on February 16, 2021. Similarly, it acquired balance 46% stake in GMM International S.a.r.l (GMMI), and GMMI became the 100% ultimate holding company of GMM Pfaudler. It acquired 100% stake in Hydro Air Research Italia S.r.l. (HARI), based in Milan, Italy for consideration of Rs 41 crore in Aug 22. The Company through its subsidiary, GMM Pfaudler US Inc., USA acquired 51% of JDS Manufacturing, USA in Nov 22. In 2023, the Company launched a corrosion resistant reactor sampling system and new drying technology for chemical industry.
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Ans: Share price of GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED is 1500 today.

Ans: GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED opened at 1516 today.

Ans: GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED closed at 1491 previous trading day

Ans: Today's High price of GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED is : 1800 and Today's Low price of GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED is : 1200

Ans: 52 weeks High price of GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED is : 1975

Ans: 52 weeks High price of GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED is : 1376

Ans: P/E ratio of GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED is : 66.6

Ans: P/B ratio of GMM PFAUDLER LIMITED is : 9.31

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