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₹510 -16.00-3.04 %(in 1 day)

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Diamines and Chemicals Ltd is a leading producer of Ethyleneamines in India. The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of Ethyleneamines. They operate in two business segments, namely speciality chemicals and power generation. They are having their manufacturing facilities located at PCC Area, Vadodara. Their products find application in import industry segment like Pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals, dyes & pigments etc. The companys product range includes Piperazine Anhydrous, Piperazine 68% (PIP-68), ethylene Diamine (EDA), Diethylene Triamine (DETA), Amino Ethyl Piperazine (AEP), Polyamines Mix (PA-MIX), Mono Ethanolamine, Triethylene Diamine (100%), Triethylene Diamine (33% in DPG), Triethylene Diamine (33% in PG), Triethylene Diamine (33% in MEG), Triethylene Tetramine (TETA), Tetraethylene Pentamine (TEPA). Diamines and Chemicals Ltd was incorporated in the year 1976. The company commenced their production in the year 1982. They setup the plant with total indigenous R&D and expertise and are placed among the select band of 6 to 8 companies who have proprietary technology for the manufacture of Ethylene amines.During the year 1999-2000, the company added new facilities. Also they added two more products to their earlier product range, namely Piperazine Anhydrous and Piperazine 68% and became only domestic supplier of Piperazine to pharmaceutical and other industries. During the year 2001-02, Alkyl Finance & Trading Ltd amalgamated with the company pursuant to the scheme of amalgamation dated September 1, 2001. During the year 2004-05, the company set up a Windmill at Surajbari, Gandhidham for captive consumption. During the year 2005-06, the company set up another wind mill having capacity of 1.25 MW situated at Dhule, Maharashtra, which will help the company to generate funds out of their power supply to the Maharashtra State Electricity Board. The Company incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary named Diamines Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (DSCPL) on 16th January, 2012. During year 2016-17, Diamines Speciality Chemicals Limited, a wholly-owned Subsidiary Company (Transferor Company) amalgamated with Diamines and Chemicals Limited (Transferee Company) on 16th September, 2016, and consequently, all the Assets and liabilities of the Transferor Company stood transferred and vested to Diamines and Chemicals Limited effective from 30th September, 2016 through Scheme of Arrangement approved by the Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad.The Company incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary named DACL Fine Chem Ltd. on 30 July, 2020. During 2021-22, KLJ Organic Diamines Limited was incorporated in collaboration with another shareholder company effective on December 15, 2021.The Company transferred Industrial Plot situated at Dahej, Ankleshwar, to its Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) Company against consideration through preference shareson right basis during the year 2022. The new pilot plant set up was made with innovative facilities by installation of equipments/ machineries. The Company started new line of business as a Trading Division of the company with available set up, business expertise and customer relationship in 2022.
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Ans: Share price of DIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD is 510 today.

Ans: DIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD opened at 531 today.

Ans: DIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD closed at 526 previous trading day

Ans: Today's High price of DIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD is : 531 and Today's Low price of DIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD is : 509

Ans: 52 weeks High price of DIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD is : 0

Ans: 52 weeks High price of DIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD is : 0

Ans: P/E ratio of DIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD is : undefined

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