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₹1608 -13.00-0.8 %(in 1 day)

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29.4 CrDec'23 (Standalone)
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About Company

De Nora India Limited (DNIL) was incorporated in June 1989 as Titanor Components Limited and commenced business in November 1989. The Companys name was changed from Titanor to De Nora on 27th June 2007. The Company has its manufacturing facilities at Kundaim, Goa and is involved in the business of manufacturing and servicing of Electrolytic products.The Company is engaged in the manufacture and coating of anode and cathode for electrolytic process for application in the chlor-alkali & chlorate plants, cathodic protection systems, Electrochlorinators and manufacture and marketing of EMEWr Electrowinning Cells Equipments. All these applications come under the field of Electrolytic Processes. DNIL was set up with technical and financial collaboration of Gruppo De Nora of Italy, a world market leader in this segment. The companys core business lies in Chlor-alkali sector, which is highly cyclic in nature. So, the company expanded its market into high tech products such as cathodic protection systems, Electrochlorination systems and lately into Electrowinning Cells Equipments. In India, DNIL is a market leader in all these products.The company came out with a rights issue in Aug.92 aggregating Rs 6.5 cr to finance a new plant at Goa and working capital requirements. It manufactures coated metal electrodes, water electrolysers, electro-chlorinators, cathodic protection systems catering to the chlor-alkali industry. The company had acquired the metal anode division of Wimco in Nov.89. In 1995-96, the company shut down one of its plant at Rampur (UP) as part of its cost reduction exercise. During 1996-97, the companys electrochlorinator product seaclor mac has received acclaim from concerned authorities in the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Goa and Pondicherry. The company has been entrusted with additional responsibility of handling cathodic protection business in Far-East and Australia by the De Nora Group. The company is also in the process of preparing documentation for ISO 9002 certification.The companys new marketing strategies for the new products has given positive results during the year 1999-2000 , but its full impact will be felt in the forthcoming years.The recessionary trend in the economy and particularly in the chlor alkali industry continued during the year 2000-01. However, currently the chlor alkali industry is showing signs of improvement and the company is expected to perform better in the next financial year.The company has technical collaboration with M/s Oronzio De Nora International B.V., The Netherlands for Ion Exchange Membrane Electrolysers for Chlor-Alkali industry, Water Eletrolysers and Electrochlorinators for Water treatment and with M/s Oronzio De Nora S.A., Switzerland for Cathodic Protection(Anti corrosion) Systems.The company has successfully adopted the technology of Seaclor-Mac, through a continuous interaction with foreign collaborator. The company now has five standard models namely Seaclor Mac-50, Seaclor Mac-100, Seaclor Mac-500, Seaclor Mac-1000 & Seaclor Mac-2000.The company has also adopted the technology for the manufacture of Lida Anodes in different configurations for Cathodic Protection System. The Company commissioned its first EMEW Plant during the year 2005. Thereafter, the Company changed the name from Titanor Components Limited to De Nora India Limited effective from 27th June 2007. It developed the new business of supplying of special electrodes for water treatment mainly for treating pharmaceutical waste water during 2014.
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Ans: Share price of DE NORA INDIA LIMITED is 1608 today.

Ans: DE NORA INDIA LIMITED opened at 1600 today.

Ans: DE NORA INDIA LIMITED closed at 1621 previous trading day

Ans: Today's High price of DE NORA INDIA LIMITED is : 1621 and Today's Low price of DE NORA INDIA LIMITED is : 1590

Ans: 52 weeks High price of DE NORA INDIA LIMITED is : 0

Ans: 52 weeks High price of DE NORA INDIA LIMITED is : 0

Ans: P/E ratio of DE NORA INDIA LIMITED is : 22.2

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