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214.71 CrDec'23 (Standalone)
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Anupam Rasayan India Limited was initially formed as a Partnership Firm as Anupam Rasayan with effect from April 01, 1984 at Surat in Gujarat. The Partnership Firm was registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 with Registrar of Firms, Surat in October 22, 1984. Subsequently, the Partnership Firm converted into a joint stock company and was registered as a Public Limited Company under the name Anupam Rasayan India Limited dated September 30, 2003, issued by Registrar of Companies, Gujarat, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The Company received Certificate of Commencement of Business, issued by Assistant Registrar of Companies, Gujarat, on November 20, 2003. The Company is one of the leading companies in India engaged in the custom synthesis and manufacturing of specialty chemicals. Its has two distinct business segments that manufacture life science related specialty chemicals including products related to agrochemicals, personal care and pharmaceuticals, and other specialty chemicals, including specialty pigment and dyes, and polymer additives. The Company caters to a diverse base of Indian and global customers. It is currently manufacturing products for over 71 domestic and international customers, including 27 multinational companies. The Company operates via its six manufacturing facilities in Gujarat, India, with four facilities located at Sachin, Surat, and two located at Jhagadia, Bharuch with an aggregate installed capacity of about 27,000 MT, as of March 31, 2023. In manufacturing operations, the Company provides large-scale custom synthesis and manufacturing services, offer multi-step synthesis and undertake complex chemical reactions. The manufacturing facilities are highly-automated and are equipped with glass-lined, titanium cladded and stainless steel reactors enabling to manufacture a diverse range of products, minimize number of employees required, and reduce cost and human error. Further, facilities are adequately supported with sophisticated analytical infrastructure, including, gas chromatography, reaction calorimeters and differential screening calorimeters, enabling them to provide accurate analysis to customers.Each of theres manufacturing facilities have the ability to manufacture a wide range of products and products can be interchanged to address requirements of customers. Further, given that operations are primarily export-oriented, the close proximity to Adani Hazira Port of the facilities located at Sachin helps us in reducing freight and logistics costs. In addition, power requirements for their facilities are met through local state power grid through interstate open access, while water is procured from Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation.In year of 2010, the Company started supplying specialty chemicals to Sygenta Asia Pacific Private Ltd in Singapore.In 2014, the Company purchased entire lease hold rights over the property and manufacturing facility at Plot No.907/3, Jhagadia, Gujarat from Krishna Solvechem Limited pursuant to a Deed of Conveyance dated August 13, 2014 and an Asset Transfer Agreement dated May 16, 2014 respectively. In 2015, a consent was received to establish for setting up of industrial plant at Jhagadia Unit-5 from GPCB. In 2016, KPI LLC (Kiran Pallavi Group), one of the promoter made its first equivalent tranche of security investment in the Company. Besides, the Company bagged a Green Innovation Award by Corning Reactor Technology for the Year 2015.In 2017, the Company commenced supply of speciality chemicals to Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited in Japan.As reported in the Share Purchase Agreement dated September 05, 2017 entered into between the sellers, namely Dineshbhai Thakurbhai Rathod,Truptiben Dineshbhai Rathod, Hardik Dineshbhai Rathod, JIPL and RMPPL, the sellers held 100% of the issued, subscribed and paid-up equity share capital of RMPPL. JIPL and the sellers entered into a Share Purchase Agreement in relation to sale of all the shares held by the Sellers in RMPPL in favour of JIPL, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. As a result, JIPL acquired 100% of the issued, subscribed and the paid-up equity share capital of RMPPL.In 2018, KPI LLC Group invested USD 35 million as an external commercial borrowing (ECB) in their Company.In 2019, the Company received consolidated consents and authorization for Jhagadia Unit - 5 and Sachin Unit-6, both from Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB). The Company had invested in AEPL pursuant to Agreement for Share Purchase entered into among Rajiv Nagindas Shethi, Sunbeam Monochem Private Limited, Metropolitan Exhichem Limited, AEPL and Company. As on February 2019, Company held 1,021,100 equity shares in AEPL. AEPL, pursuant to a Letter of Offer offered to buy-back 773,500 equity shares of Rs. 10/- each held by Company at a premium of Rs6.15 per equity share, which was accepted by Company pursuant to Letter of Acknowledgement. Consequently, shareholding of Company in AEPL reduced to 247,600 equity shares, as on March 31, 2019. Further, pursuant to approval of Board by a Resolution dated September 26, 2020, the Company completely disposed of shareholding in AEPL.In 2020, the Company received consolidated consents and authorization for research and development centre on Sachin Unit-6 from GPCB. Pursuant to an Order dated November 10, 2020, a Scheme of Amalgamation was sanctioned whereby RMPPL, a wholly owned subsidiary of JIPL, was merged into JIPL, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. The Appointed Date of the said Scheme is April 1, 2019. The entire undertakings of RMPPL were transferred to and vested in JIPL. RMPPL was a wholly owned subsidiary of JIPL, and accordingly, the shareholding of JIPL in RMPPL stood cancelled.As of FY 2022, the Company manufactured products for over 68 domestic and international customers, including 25 multinational companies (MNCs). It commercialized 4 new products during the year. It installed a solar power plant in Bharuch in Q3FY22. It acquired ~26% stake and management control in Tanfac Industries Limited, a Joint Venture Company.In 2022-23, the Company launched five new products, taking the count to 53 products. It commissioned 5.4 MW Solar Power Plant at Bharuch. ARIL Transmodal Logistic Private Limited was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company with effect from February 28, 2023.In 2023, the Company raised Rs 500 Crores through QIP.
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Ans: 52 weeks High price of ANUPAM RASAYAN INDIA LTD is : 0

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