Conquer Your Emotions: A 2023 Guide to Trading and Investing with Discipline

how to control emotions in investing

There is a popular theory that defines different emotions an investor or trader experiences while investing. It goes from  Optimism > Excitement > Thrill > Euphoria > Denial > Anxiety > Fear > Panic > Despondency Do you identify with these emotions? Did you encounter these in different situations and stages of your investing journey? Markets … Read more

What You Need to Know About Stock Market Corrections

what is stock market correction

In 2008, Rakesh, a small-time retail investor from Mumbai, was left dumbfounded when the Indian stock market tumbled rapidly, erasing a significant portion of his investments. He, along with countless other investors, had just experienced what is a stock market correction, an event that changed the course of their financial journeys. While these corrections can … Read more