Understanding the Impact of Recession on the Economy in 2023

Every economy goes through a vicious circle of expansion, peak, recession, or contraction and trough. Recessions are known for high unemployment, low economic growth, low investments, failed jobs, slow businesses, etc. Many unfavourable circumstances arise, affecting everyone, from business owners to small retailers. Nevertheless, all these negatives may have a silver lining. The fact is, … Read more

Recession: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions

Expanding businesses, technological advances, and high employment are all characteristics of a growing economy. But what do shortages in production, high import bills, slow exports, reduction in foreign reserves, gold stocks, and a high unemployment rate indicate?  All these indicate a negative Gross Domestic Product(GDP). The consistent decrease in GDP and a reduction in employment … Read more

Exploring the Consequences of SriLanka’s Economic Crisis on India

Introduction Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis since independence. How are the resulting migrant challenges and economic dependence of Sri Lanka affecting India? While a prosperous and well-fed neighbour is harmonious and causes fewer problems, having an unstable one might cause unrest in your household. The same is true with countries around the … Read more