Stock Market Correction: Factors, Causes & How to Identify

what is stock market correction

In 2008, Rakesh, a small-time retail investor from Mumbai, was left dumbfounded when the Indian stock market tumbled rapidly, erasing a significant portion of his investments. He, along with countless other investors, had just experienced what is a stock market correction, an event that changed the course of their financial journeys. While these corrections can … Read more

Master Margin Call: Definition, Examples, Tips, Who Can Trade

Margin Call

Whether you are a new investor or an experienced trader, you must have heard of the term ‘margin call’ especially when markets are volatile. Margin calls often create panic for investors and traders and SEBI has placed stringent regulations to avoid trading with excess leverage and a situation where margin calls are triggered often in … Read more

Different Types of Margin Trading in the Indian Stock Market

Types of margin

In this blog we will discuss different types of margins stipulated by the regulator for stock market investors and traders.  Before we delve into types of margins, let us first understand why margin in stock markets is required. When an investor places a trade, they are supposed to bring in the requisite funds for settlement … Read more

What is Intraday Margin? (Everything You Need to Know)

What is Intraday Margin? Intraday margin trading is popular among new and seasoned traders simply because it promises the potential ro make quick returns and close the trade in a short time without locking capital. The funds required for intraday margin trading is lesser compared to capital required for delivery trades . For example, if … Read more