Trading Technical Analysis Reports

View and download your trading data and detailed trading analysis through Rupeezy DOCK web portal.

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Trading Analysis Reports
at your fingertips

DOCK is the trading dashboard to give you a bird’s eye view
of your trades for different timeframes.
You can obtain detailed and in-depth trade stats and trading
analysis by stocks individually and overall portfolio through
You can view Profit and Loss, Turnover, MTF Interest, and
Trade History Reports for a detailed view of your Trades and
Manage Funds
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You can manage your funds in a few simple steps using the
DOCK portal. Once you add your bank account, you can
seamlessly transfer funds in and withdraw funds from your
trading account.
This feature saves the hassle of separate logins or individual
fund transfer, saves time and helps you take quick investment decisions.
P&L Report

Instead of sifting through multiple daily transactions, P&L report shows you consolidated profit and loss for selected parameters across various segments.

Now you can view the report in csv format. You can also view your tax P&L reports through DOCK.

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To view your P&L report
pnl stepper

Go to ‘Reports’ tab

Click on ‘Profit & Loss’

Go to ‘Segment’ and select ‘Futures &
Options’ from the dropdown menu

Select the Date Range and click on ‘Submit’

Download the report from the ‘Download
Summary’ tab on the bottom right corner

How to download tax P&L Reports?

Tax P&L reports give you a snapshot of your profit or losses net of applicable taxes, capital gains so you need not spend time to calculate various deductions for tax filing.

tax pnl steps

Go to ‘Reports’ tab

Click ‘Statements’

Select ‘Combined Tax Reports’ from the dropdown menu

Select Date Range & click ‘Download’

You can view your tax Profit & Loss Report in a spreadsheet

Ledger Reports

leadger report

View daily activity, trade data and record of all transactions on any day through the Ledger Reports section.

Ledger reports can be viewed and downloaded for any segment and period.You can also view Pay In and Pay Out reports for funds tracking separately.

Historic data of each and every trade is available via Ledger Reports, you can perform detailed analysis of every single trade using Ledger Reports.

Pledge Holdings

pledge holding

Put the securities in your demat account to work, get margin funding by pledging your existing holding.

Trade with ZERO cash, with margin against shares.

How Rupeezy Dock Works

Rupeezy DOCK trading dashboard features four sections

portfolio holding
View your overall portfolio in
a snapshot.

Once you add your bank account,
you can transfer funds in and out
instantaneously from DOCK.
Save time and utilise your funds
to the max with instant pay in and


View and download portfolio or
stock level, Profit & Loss reports,
tax reports in a jiffy.


Make changes to your profile data
e.g. bank account details, phone no,
email id etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. You can view the tax applicable on your trades in the P&L Report. The applicable tax figures on P&L make it convenient for you to view the numbers directly for tax filing without separate calculations. 

Ans: You can view free stock reports through the Reports section in Rupeezy DOCK. Easy to read, yet detailed trading analysis, P&L Reports and trading data from Ledger Reports can be viewed without any charge.

Ans: Visit https://rupeezy.in/trading-report-and-analytics go to Reports Section. You can view Profit and Loss, Turnover, MTF Interest, and Trade History Reports for a detailed view of your Trades and Investments.

Ans: P&L Report shows the consolidated statement of profit or loss in your trades for a selected time period.

Ans: Click on the ‘Reports’ tab. Click on ‘Downloads’ and select ‘Contract Notes’ on Statement dropdown. Select Category as ‘Equity’ Select the Date Range and Click ‘Email Me’ The Contract Notes will be sent to your registered email id.

Ans: Go to ‘Reports’ tab. DP charges are directly posted on the ledger and do not appear on the contract note. It is charged once per scrip on one day irrespective of the quantity sold.

Ans: Click the ‘Profile’ tab. Go to email id and click on ‘Edit’ Enter the new email address and click ‘Continue’ Go to Mobile Number, and click ‘Edit’ Enter the new mobile number and click ‘Continue’ The new email/mobile number will be updated within 24 hrs.

Ans: To add a bank account, check the process below. 1. Log in to DOCK. 2. Personal The new bank account will be updated as a Primary account for Demat and Trading account . The dividends and other corporate action benefits for your holdings and payout are transferred to your primary account. For the charges, please click here

Ans: For the Derivative Segment, upload your latest financial details in the dock application. Check from the Segment Updation in DOCK, whether a particular segment is active or not.

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