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₹587 7.001.21 %(in 1 day)

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483.12 CrSep'23 (Standalone)
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Ion Exchange (India) Ltd, a leader in Indian water treatment Industry offers total water management solutions for Industry, Homes and Communities. It is one of the very few companies in the world with a range of technologies, products and services that cover the entire spectrum of water and waste-water treatment. A subsidiary of British Permutit till 1985, it became a wholly Indian company when Permutit divested its holdings. The Company offers a wide range of solutions across the water cycle from pre-treatment to process water treatment, waste water treatment, recycle, zero liquid discharge, sewage treatment, packaged drinking water, sea water desalination etc. The Company is engaged in manufacturing resins, speciality chemicals for water and waste water treatment as well as non-water applications. The companys water and environment management solutions extend beyond the industrial sector to homes, hotels, spas, educational institutions, hospitals, laboratories, realty sector, defense establishments and rural communities, providing safe drinking water and a clean environment.Its product range includes water, process liquid and waste water treatment as well as recycling plants, using various physico-chemical processes for setting, clarification, filteration, disinfection, membrane and ion exchange technology, ion exchange resins, polymers and polyelectrolytes for water and non-water processes; boiler, cooling water and fireside treatment chemicals; Zero-B (bacteria) water purifiers which provides bacteria-free drinking water instantly and electrochlorinators for disinfecting water.More than 2000 plants have been supplied in India and abroad, of which over 400 installations are at thermal and nuclear power plants, fertilizer factories, refineries, and the petrochemical and other industries. The company has executed World Bank-funded projects worth over US $ 25 mln in India and many projects abroad in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa.The company has licensing agreements with some of the best known specialist water treatment companies in the US and Western Europe. It has an R&D centre which is recognised by the Department of Science and Technology.The company provides comprehensive consultancy services including water management surveys and detailed project reports, apart from a range of technical services.The company recently commissioned a second resin factory for anion manufacture. The company has diversified into financial services through IEL Finance, a subsidiary, which provides a wide spectrum of services in fund and fee-based areas. Ion Exchange Enviro Farms, another subsidiary is into commercial horticulture. On 19th Jan.98, Ion Exchange Demag Ltd, a 50:50 joint-venture between Ion Exchange(I) and Mannesmann Demag of Germany was incorporated.Hydronautics Membranes India Limited and Ion Exchange Finance Limited (a subsidiary of Company) were amalgamated with the Company in 2002-03.During FY 2012-13, the Company transferred its Project Division (covering domestic turnkey projects) to Ion Exchange Projects and Engineering Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary company, effective from 1st August, 2012 through Business Transfer Agreement (BTA) dated 29th Oct 2012. Ion Exchange Services Limited (Transferor Company) got merged with Parent Company (Ion Exchange (India) Limited) with effect from April 01, 2012.
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Ans: Share price of ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD is 587 today.

Ans: ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD opened at 583 today.

Ans: ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD closed at 580 previous trading day

Ans: Today's High price of ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD is : 704 and Today's Low price of ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD is : 470

Ans: 52 weeks High price of ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD is : 687

Ans: 52 weeks High price of ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD is : 475

Ans: P/E ratio of ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD is : 27.1

Ans: P/B ratio of ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD is : 5.18

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