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₹792 -3.00-0.38 %(in 1 day)

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687.49 CrDec'23 (Standalone)
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About Company

Globus Spirits Ltd is one of the leading players in the Alcohol industry in North India. The company is engaged in the business of manufacture, marketing and sale of Industrial Alcohol comprising Rectified Spirit and Extra-Neutral Alcohol, Country Liquor, and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). The company has two distilleries, one at Alwar in Rajasthan and the other at Panipat in Haryana.The Company has a brand portfolio of their own in the country liquor segment, such as Rana, Rajasthan No 1, Ghoomar, Samalkha No 1, Samalkha ki Saunfi; and in IMFL segment, such as White Lace Gin, White Lace Vodka, Samurai Gold Extra Rich Blend Whisky, Samurai Premium Whisky, 20-20 Premium Whisky, GR 8 Times Whisky and Hannibal Legendry Rum. They also cater to the Indian brands in the IMFL segment, such as Officers Choice Prestige Whisky, Officers Choice Classic Whisky, Officers Choice No 1 Brandy and Officers Choice XXX Rum.Globus Spirits Ltd was incorporated on February 16, 1993 as Globus Agronics Ltd. In April 1994, the company commenced production in their first distillery unit in Haryana which has an installed capacity of 144 lakh Bulk Litres per annum. During the year 1994-95, the company purchased 18 acres of land at Alwar, in Rajasthan for setting up a Distillery unit for manufacturing 40,000 Bulk Litres of Rectified Spirit and 20,000 Bulk Litres of Extra Neutral Alcohol per day. During the year 1995-96, the company commissioned the second distillery unit at Alwar in Rajasthan. Also, they entered into an agreement with International Distilleries (India) Ltd, a subsidiary of International Distillers and Ventures, UK, to bottle IMFL products under the brand name of ?IDI?.During the year 1998-99, the company started production of IMFL at their Behror unit under the brand name of Rajputana. In August 1999, they commenced bottling of IMFL at Behror Unit and in December 1999, they commissioned Country Liquor at Samalkha Unit.In July 2002, the company entered into an agreement with Hi-Life Impex Pvt Ltd (Hi-Life) for use of Trademarks in respect of Ready to Drink Beverages (RTDB) and manufactures the same under technical know-how from Hi-Life and in September 2003, they started commercial production of Ready to Drink Beverages. In April 2005, they commenced their operations at Distillation Plant at Samalkha Unit.The name of the company was changed from Globus Agronics Ltd to Globus Spirits Ltd with effect from January 23, 2007.In January 2009, the company expanded their IMFL repertoire in the state of Rajasthan by launching two new products, namely Hannibal Legendary Rum and 20-20 Premium Whisky.The company is in the process of installation of two Multi-Pressure Distillation Plants for the production of Extra Neutral Alcohol, at the rate of 35,000 liters per day from grains and molasses, one at Samalkha in Haryana and the other at Behror in Rajasthan. Also, they are in the process of expanding the capacity of Total Spirit-based Starch Liquefaction section from 60 kiloliters everyday to 75 kiloliters everyday. The company planned for modernization of existing facilities and intends to expand their capacities from 288 lakh bulk litres per annum to 498 lakh bulk litres per annum and to set up captive power plant for cost reductions.
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Ans: Share price of GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD is 792 today.

Ans: GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD opened at 800 today.

Ans: GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD closed at 795 previous trading day

Ans: Today's High price of GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD is : 803 and Today's Low price of GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD is : 790

Ans: 52 weeks High price of GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD is : 1328

Ans: 52 weeks High price of GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD is : 755

Ans: P/E ratio of GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD is : 18.29

Ans: P/B ratio of GLOBUS SPIRITS LTD is : 2.52

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