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Incorporated in Jan.20 as a private limited company, Tinplate Company of India (TCIL) became a public limited company in Dec.68. TCILs existing plant was established in 1922 and employed the technology available at that time. Production commenced in Dec.22.The Company is in the business of providing tinplate packaging solutions for processed edibles and other end use applications like paints, pesticides, battery, aerosols etc, wherein Tinplate as a packaging medium is ideally positioned because of its unique properties like high shelf life, tamper proof, resistance to ultra-violet rays, bar rier properties, stackability, eco-friendliness and product durability. The Company has state-of-the-art 3,79,000 MTPA manufacturing facility at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.In 1973, it was decided to establish a new electrolytic tinning-cum-tin free steel combination coating line on the surplus land at the existing plant to produce tinplate and tin-free steel (chromium-coated plates). It was decided to use the Ferrostan process to manufacture tinplate using phenol sulphonic acid electrolyte system and the TFS-III process to manufacture tin-free steel using chromic acid as electrolyte.During 1999-2000, with the help of specialists from Tata Steel a major productivity programme called Total Operational Performance (TOP) was taken, the benefits of which will be evident in future years. In 200-2001 the company received the First Prize for achieving excellence in productivity and Certificate for safety,from Confederation of Indian Industry,Eastern Region for the year.A suitable initiative for ensuring an effective enforcement of statutory regulations in regard to import of Seconds and Waste will be taken by the company in the near future.The company has upgraded one of its facilities-One additional Annealing base at CRM at a cost of Rs.9 crores. The project was executed as per schedule and was financed by way of internal generations. It has also signed a Technical agreement with Japanese Steel major,Nippon Steel Corporation for support. The company has a similar arrangement with French Steel major Usinor.It is planning to increase the capacity in another 2 years to 1.45 lakh tonnes. The estimated outlay of the expansion would be Rs.36 crore.During December 03 the old Hallden Shear and the Leveller of the Electrolytic Tinning Line had been replaced by a NSC designed Digital Drive Shear (DDS) and Leveller. Due to addition of DDS, the name plate capacity of ETP was enhanced to 97,000 MT per annum. Two more annealing bases were added to enhance the capacity of Annealing. For the purpose of streamlining and integrating business processes and information flows across the company, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was implemented in the Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase and Finance functions with effect from October 2003.At the Cold Rolling Mill complex, two more annealing bases were commissioned to meet the increased demand of Tin Mill Black Plate (TMBP), feedstock for the increasing requirements of the Electrolytic Tinplate Plant during 2004-05. Modifications of the electrical control systems and mechanical drive systems of the Degreasing Line to increase line speeds by 20%. In the Coil Preparation Line, modifications of electrical drives and controls, mechanical configuration, coiler, un-coiler etc have been done to cope with the increased volume of TMBP coil production. At the Electrolytic Tinplate Plant-replacement of low speed classifier with a High Speed Classifier. Solution Center was commissioned in December, 2005. At 6 Hi reversing mill certain critical spares necessary to improve mill availability were made available to increase productivity to meet increased demand of cold rolled coil consequent to the capacity enhancement in downstream units. A new, Roll Grinder was installed to take care of the increased roll requirement of the 6 Hi Rolling mill & 4 Hi Temper mill to cope with the higher production levels during year 2006. The Company built & commissioned a state of the art Solution Centre to initially provide world-class Lacquered and Printed tinplate sheets of the Food Packaging Industry. Low speed process line motors were replaced with maintenance free high speed motors to increase the line speed from 247 mpm to 300 mpm. The no. of plating tanks were increased from 7 to 9 and accordingly the re-flow system was upgraded to match the enhanced line speed. The structures in the pre-plating and plating sections of ETP line were completely changed to give a fresh lease of life to the 26 year old ETP line.The Company increased its existing tinning line capacity to 180,000 MT per annum during the year 2008. It commissioned Second Electrolytic Tinning Line having 200,000 tons per annum capacity, in Jamshedpur during October, 2008.On 1st April 2011, the 3% Fully Convertible Debentures issued on Rights basis to Shareholders were compulsorily converted into Equity Shares dated 3 September, 2009. Consequent to conversion, the shareholding of Tata Steel Limited increased to 59.45% of the Paid Up Equity Share Capital of the Company and the Company became a subsidiary of Tata Steel Limited effective from 1st April 2011. The Second Cold Rolling Mill project was commissioned in FY 2011-12. The Company enhanced capacity of the cold rolling mill complex to 3,80,000 TPA in 2011.
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